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Really? Because I only watched a bit and saw and heard like, a dozen WWE references.

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There are no major broadcast companies they could get with right now. WWE is with two.

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Look, I can't blame Neville for not wanting to be stuck in the 205 Limbo, but WWE was never gonna let anyone just walk out like that. Luger ruined that.

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How's 2007 treatin ya, champ?

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It must be lonely on that anti-Undertaker boat. It's fine not to like him, but to deny he still gets some of the biggest pops on the card whenever he shows up is just being silly.

Sad to see ya go, though. But I understand. There was a point I got so into wrestling that it was more of a chore. It's a lot more fun to just be a fan.

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Not to be a mark, but most wrestlers talk like this. I mean, if your job was being a tough guy pretending to be an even tougher guy, would you EVER say that someone could beat you?

Still, never cared for Swagger. He just didn't have the charisma and his early push as the second coming of Angle was never gonna work because NO ONE is that good. When they repackaged him he should have incorporated more of a power style imo.

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Because sadly, the majority of wrestling fans have never really cared about the cruiserweight division. The fact of the matter is, as soon as you make a title for cruisers it makes them all seem lesser to the main roster. It's why I was hoping that WWE would revive a different gimmick title, one that wasn't restricted by weight classes.

I always thought they could do wonders with something like an Internet or Network Champion. A Title that's cross brand and has to be defended once a week or something. Have tournaments for it, or bring back the Raw Roulette thing (renamed of course), something that puts exposure on the undercard guys and lets them showcase (or develop) personalities and talent. And if they're over enough, have them drop the title and move up on the card. Hell, maybe the gimmick could be after so many defenses they can trade it in for an IC or US title shot. I donno. Just give fans a reason to get invested in the entire card without restrictive weight classes and stuff.

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Hot take: Hogan has gone complete heel in real life, thus fully shattering the thin line between reality and pro wrestling. Trump joins the new World order with Hogan, Nash, Hall, Jong Un, Putin and, in a shocking turn of events, Justin Theroux. Obama comes out of retirement with a new gimmick inspired by a cult favorite movie, flanked by Bernie Sanders, Xi Jinping, Joe Biden and Stone Cold Steve Austin. Hillary Clinton stays in her heelish ways and reforms the Four Horsemen of the DNC with The Rock, Oprah and for reasons unknown to anyone Jill "Mongo" Stein. Chris Jericho stays out of it all.

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To be fair, the commentators have mentioned several times in the past that the refs tend to give more leniency to big matches.