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Name: Wiggles
Species: Worm
Power: Banana bomb similar to the one from the Worms game series. Instead of a ball, you shoot out a banana that explodes and launches 2 balls. Only can be used once though since how epic it would be.

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Does a General in Halo 3 count? lol

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Ugh, I knew my chances were shot to the ground as soon as it was posted on Bnet...

Oh well, grats to the winners, enjoy the maps while I sit here waiting for a release date from MS.... Any day now........ hopefully

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Oh wow... everyone is in negatives... and I haven't even voted yet...

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Must have been a PS3 fanboy...

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*crosses fingers*
I just recently got back into playing GTAIV after going through a tedious 100% mission back in April for the Key to the City contest from Rockstar.

I'd love to win this DLC :D

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I'd like to win to reduce Dante's chances of winning


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I'm sure 360sync will make a contest giving away a lifetime of Gold.... Wait, they'll probably just give it to you instead of getting everyone else's hopes up


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"We can rebuild him, make him stronger, faster, better"

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My gaming resolution this year is to spend my money on much more deserving games... I learned my lesson with 2008 from buying games simply because I THOUGHT I wanted em. So this year, I'll be buying only those games that I know for sure that I will like and not regret buying.