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Comments are back baby!! So teach us some historical things!

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Thanks Oatmeal.

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Congratulations engineerd™ and Mrs. engineerd™!! Babies are awesome, and I think you'll find progeny are indeed a grand adventure!

But I can't say, at least from my personal perspective, that the weirdness ever goes away. I still feel basically like I am the same person I was 15 years ago, dorky, laid back, enjoying life. Yet somehow I have 4 kids and a gut that won't go away, weird. Recently my dad visited, with his teen/tween step-sons, and I was all, we can hang out, we'll have so much in common, I was a teen with my dad, I know exactly what it's like, etc. Then I realized, I probably look like an old ass man to them, with more in common with my dad than with them, despite what I feel like. Which sort of makes me wonder if I'll ever grow up, weird!

The point is, you and your wife have helped grow a new life (okay probably mostly your wife, as mine likes to frequently remind me, but it was a 50-50 proposition at the get-go!), and babies are a wonderful, weird precious miracle, so have fun!!

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Virtual reality glasses. Goggles, whatever. I think this is the year they get cheap enough and made by enough companies to start bring used in public--long train to work? VR yourself someone better! This will lead to loud conversations witg/reactions to the VR, in said public space, terribly annoying everyone in the vicinity.

And Raptor Jesus help us if Apple comes out with a VR set...

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Funny you mention the Forums, I totally was just over there the morning I posted this, pretty much because I saw it in my favorites and thought, "it's been awhile, I wonder what's going on over there?" Also, I wonder that about the Hooniverse Marketplace as well, I thought 20 bucks for a write up and a pretty wide audience was a good deal, but not much seems to pop up there.

And I am of course holding out hope that one day out very own Atomic Toasters will make a triumphant return! By triumphant I mean, much less infrequently posted, and a doubling in readership from 5 to ten. Maybe we can make some Toasters Gold shirts for everyone that has stuck around through this sad slowdown...

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Mr. Traveller!! Let me semi-officially welcome you to our small, slow posting corner of the web! If I may, I would like to encourage you to get an Intense Debate profile for yourself to use for commenting! Not only can you collect arbitrary and meaningless, yet somehow personally fulfilling commenter points, but your comments will also appear instantly, versus having to be approved. Normally, this wouldn't be a huge deal, but right now we here at Toasters are still wading through massive amounts of spam comments daily, and sometimes it is hard to find the legitimate comments in all the pending trash, and sometimes we get busy, and have to sift through a 500 comment two day backlog that results in you having to try repeats because our comments appear broken from your perspective!

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Social network 'monitoring', the early days. "I don't 'do' CB radio....I just listen...."