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A lot of times I find myself going in cycles of playing games and then weeks on end without any games and no motivation whatsoever to play, though I'm still reading reviews, the news sites, and listening to game oriented podcasts all the same, but one day I'll snap right back in like I never left. I typically have plenty of time to play during school and will try and balance 4 or more games at once, with some success and when I go home it's just L4D2 and maybe one other but I fail to make much headway on anything I haven't played before so it's usually just the one

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Interesting pair of articles, In the past summer always meant busting out the SNES and N64 so I could beat Super Mario World and Zelda: OoT again but now I have very little time to play games during the summers. My parents always have a mountain of work for me to do for the 3 months they have till I'm back at school and after a full day of work I'm often too tired to play anything. This past summer I simply willed myself awake till 3AM every night to play L4D2 with some of my friends online only to get up around 9AM and do it all over again...not a very restful vacation. lol

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I would certainly have to see why you could be so opposed to this new system and I would have to agree. At first I simply saw it as another annoying feature to expand facebook's profits and influence, but looking at it from a security stand point I really don't like this...

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I like the pluscast format, I hope you guys continue them. Anyway Scott Pilgrim vs. The World is my favorite movie for the year so far, hands down. I was geeking out the whole way though the film and was genuinely surprised that the film was much deeper than I thought walking into it.

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I think this episode stands to show that everything you guys said about flash games in general is true, the podcast was unable to withstand the simply and easy nature of flash games as always available, easy to play, and addictive games. The Hentai near the end was a bit much but I kind of expected it to devolve down to that level at some point.

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Hooray! TheWiire.com Podcast is back and my life is once again complete, but somewhat expected, I heard a rumor the Podcast would return ...

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Things have gotten out of hand with the post E3 free-for-all blog-fest where every fanboy with an iPhone tells you his opinion in what he/she thought about the conference and who "won". I think there should still be some sense of appreciating who did a better job of presentation but a lot of the hate shot in Microsoft's direction has become a bit uncalled for. We all knew it was going to be very Kinect-centric and that they were after the "casual" audience and while I think the pandering was laid on way to thick nothing they showed was outright horrific.

I do find it funny when people try and defend one company's conference and then slander the other two even if they themselves were disappointed

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I don't play very many RPGs and almost no JRPGs, but I have noticed some differences in the styles WRPGs and JRPGs, and just games in general from the different regions, use to convey there stories. I think Dan's analogy to Novels and Anthologies was probably the best description I've heard.

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well from what I understand of the technology is that it is ineffective at long distances, ie: a movie screen or even home television at certain angles. People have reported needing to be directly in front of the screen to see the effect, which is fine for the DS because that is the way you use it but this wouldn't be true of other screens. Sharp is supposed to be the company behind the technology but I wouldn't expect it in more than a few cell phones in the next 5-6 years

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Nintendo and 3D...I think secretly Nintendo has been waiting for the chance to resurrect the idea they had when the Virtual Boy failed, and the 3DS should be considered it's spiritual successor. I'm not a fan of 3D with glasses and I don't think 3D will penetrate the home entertainment market very far until the glasses are eliminated. From what I've observed, people are not very excited about the PS3's 3D offering due to the need for so much extra hardware.