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Lautenberg is of the party who would run very aspect of our lives, A tool to be sure, a fool to be defeated and retired once and for all.

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Well written. Thank you.

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I don't care what media matters does--insignificant little weasels who waste time. There is no story here about the Marines. I wished I was still in so I could have done the same thing.

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Sad. Boys being used by a cretin, creep is more important than what you thought was important Joe... how could this go on after 98??? Should this creep have been dismised, prosecuted and barred from anything Penn State? Yes, I think so.
You and the other Penn State officials have allowed one sick asshat to ruin the school's reputation. The more I hear about this and these people, the more sick I get.

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Yes--she is running a write-in campaign. She believes the office is hers alone--that she is entitled to it.

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She just insulted a decorated Veteran who desires to really hold up the Constitution. She has insulted every verteran and every American who believes the Constitution means everything. Please, Alaska, please--send us Joe Miller.
We don't need or want another deal maker who has no idea and no clue--a deal maker who thinks highly of herself at the expense of people who fight the wars.
May she never darken the doors of any office, let alone the US Senate.

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socialists lie because they have to. They then laugh at their supporters gullibility behind the crowd's back all the while planning and working on only one thing--how to keep power.

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It would be a good thing for Dingell to finally lose as he should have long ago... it is sad that he has had a long career presumably to represent the people in his district and has not done a single good thing on their behalf.

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Calling Juan Williams a bigot is bigoted. We know Ellison is a bigot. We do not see that in Juan. We know Ellison to be a liar and thief, nothing better, nothing more.

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We are called ignorant by people who would literally regulate life, shut down speech, raise taxes and quash private industry by the legislation of a hoax known as human caused global warming. Okay.
Being part of the left is by definition, being anti-freedom.
Being anti-freedom does not seem to be an intelligent place at all to put one's stock. It makes for laughable characters at its most harmless, for enemies at its most harmful.