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Ok I’ll give you that but I’m my opinion, Bray isn’t someone I’m excited to see anymore. What does he have left to offer with his gimmick. The things he could do are limited with how WWE works and his promos are limited to what he can say. Nothing about him screams champion anymore and his teaming with Matt was completely dud

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Does anybody care about what Bray has to say? After being thrown under the bus for 7 years you’d think they’d finally give him something meaningful especially after being buried so many times

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Just sign Ellsworth already. Carmella can’t get heat without him anyways.

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Social media is notorious for people taking things way way too seriously when it comes to storylines like people even wish harm and death to certain people. I’ve seen people on Instagram wish death on Samoa Joe with his feud with AJ

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It’s really laggy and comments don’t come in chronological order sometimes. I noticed that some comments come under a “under review by management team”

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WWE really wants to have people there for the last Wrestlemania of the 2010s

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Not quite, it’s usually a white and blue. WrestleNewz and WrestleZone use it as a commenting system

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It’s a commenting system in the early 2010s for a lot of websites before social media took over for commenting

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I mean I’m coming but it’s going to be different here

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I’d like to thank you all for 7 years of fun on this website. With LOP switching to Disqus I know things are going to change and not everyone is going to stay the same. 2012-2015 were some of the best years here for commenting on this site and you guys really helped me through my depression over the years just taking my mind of things and talking about WWE related things