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Don't you remember the conservative movement to maintain a correct legal definition of marriage back in 2014?

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I did. The common good is defined by order, stability, health, happiness, family unity, children's welfare, things that flow from conservatism, not by a person.

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Not who. What.

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Conservative, not reactionary. And "most of the world" has not "moved on".

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Ruth Davidson is my MSP. I have written to her on a number of occasions regarding key conservative issues, such as the right of children to a mother and a father, the right to life, and correcting the legal definition of marriage.

I am sad to report huge disappointment from the replies that I have had (she generally tends to ignore me these days). I can confirm from direct personal experience that she is not actually a conservative at all, and I therefore cannot recommend her as a leader of the Conservative Party.

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That which serves the common good and protects women, children and society.

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I have encountered Gay Pride parades on a few occasions, and they were generally exhibitions of depravity and degeneracy. I have seen sights that I scarcely believe are legal in a civilised society.

I now ensure my family are out of town whenever these appalling displays occur, and, as a conservative, I commend Mr Putin for prohibiting them.

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I've actually recently joined the Conservative party: partly to ensure that we do get the proper Brexit we voted for, but also to ensure that the next leader is an actual conservative, and that the Conservative party will start defending and promoting authentic conservatism once again.
The Conservative party has been infiltrated and captured by liberals, progressives, sexual revolutionaries and anti-democratic globalist corporate Europhiles.

It's time that actual conservatives had a party to vote for, and we can't complain that we don't have one unless we join, engage and participate in the Conservative party itself.

Hague complains that it's bad for democracy, but how can it be bad for a democracy for voters to have democratic choices? I despise Corbyn, but at least if I was a leftist I would have someone to vote for.

The homogenisation of politics, with people like Soubry, Clegg and Umunna ostensibly on opposite political sides is what has been a cancer for democracy.

Britain needs authentic conservatism, and it needs an authentic conservative party to vote for.

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It's a shame the political class are more worried about offending the invaders than the fact that our children are being displaced by a hostile alien ideology imported by the very state whose job it is to protect us and preserve our country as a home for our descendents.

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Err, in order for political and philosophical beliefs to be criticised, they first have to be protected.

I have no problem with this ruling, for the simple reason that as an authentic conservative who believes that marriage is the union of a man and a woman, that same-sex parenting is an assault on the rights of the child, and that abortion should be outlawed, I know there are lots of people who would discriminate against me.