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Interesting point. I guess the fine has to be sufficiently large to be punitive, not to be worth the cost for the benefit.

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Sounds like a good chap. We desperately need conservatives back at the helm of the Conservative party. That way, conservatives will join and the party will become active and young again.

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As I say, I don't mean that callously. It was obviously an appalling tragedy. However I do wonder if it could have been avoided if we'd only been housing British people, and could have devoted those resources to their housing.

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The think I'm angriest about towards the boomers is the cultural and sexual revolution. They legalised divorce, pornography, abortion and contraception, they forged the progressive society. The amount of suffering has been huge and the existential threat immeasurable.

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Sadly I am beginning to wonder how much foreign aid is disguised as domestic spending.

I don't mean to sound callous, but until Grenfell I had no idea that so many people from third world countries were living in our country at our expense. I had always always believed that immigration was supposed to be of economic benefit to us, which it clearly isn't if we are housing people.

If I'm paying for a Somali family of six in Somalia, or paying for a Somali family of six in London, what's the difference except that it's vastly more expensive here? Why does one come out of the domestic budget and the other out of the foreign aid budget?

What I'm asking is how much defacto foreign aid is hidden in domestic spending - what's the true foreign aid budget?

Has a proper analysis been done to establish whether we could help more Somali families if we took them out of the UK and put them in Somalia? What is the cost of housing in Mogadishu compared to Westminster, etc?

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" Ships are versaitile and mobile, but none of them can ever be in two places at the same time."

Bingo. I don't claim to be an expert but this high tech/low quantity approach in both ships and aircraft seems dangerous nonsense on lots of levels. How many F35s are we going to end up with? 35? How many will be operational at any one time? How many squadrons will we have? How many operational pilots will we have?

And it seems to me there is no such thing as an aircraft carrier. There is either a carrier group or a sitting duck. A US carrier group consists of another dozen surface vessels, various submarines and aircraft. Will we have anything like that?

I am incredibly sceptical of our military competence.

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Happy New Year everyone!

I hope this is the year that we move on, bury the hatchet and start all working positively together as fellow Britons to plan for a great future as a rejuvenated, independent country with great people and great potential to be a superpower once again.

Let's do that for future generations of Brits, yet to be born. This is a great gift for them, but we will need to apply all our gifts and talents to this amazing project of charting our course once again.

So come on now. As a person who voted with the majority to leave the EU, I ask those who voted to remain to stop the cries of scum, filth, moron and racist, and accept the democratic decision to return full sovereignty to the people through parliament.

Now is the time to show the grit and unity our nation has shown time and time again in centuries past.

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And of course for decades New Labour had an ACTUAL PORNOGRAPHER - Alistair Campbell - at the heart of government, and the BBC said nothing.

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Lots of men struggle with pornography, I certainly have in my life. I think I'm on top of it now, but who can say what can happen when we are weak.

Pornography is a potent drug that captures and enslaves ordinary and decent men. It's a multi-billion dollar industry that chews up and spits out the souls of men.

I'm sure if Damian Green "came out" about his issues - almost ten years ago now - he would face little vilification, he might even get some human sympathy, because this is a society that needs to talk about the issue of pornography.

Apart from anything else, who really cares? So a man looked at some pictures of nude women. Might I be the one to cast the first stone? Unless anyone else would like to.

The BBC has been appalling here. It manufactured this news story, it did not report it.

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This is a bit stupid. If people want to register their marriages with the state then they are free to do so. If they don't want to then the state shouldn't force them. What this proposal amounts to is the state forcibly registering marriages against people's will.

My advice to a woman is this: if a man wants to sleep with you and put you at risk of pregnancy, but isn't prepared to enter into a physical and legally registered marriage with you, walk away from him. Don't have sex outside that context, as it's a recipe for disaster.

A compassionate and humane state shouldn't be incentivising extramarital sex or illegitimacy, and one would hope and trust that no sane Conservative politician would countenance such a thing. And forced marriage is really an insult to women's autonomy.