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I have to wonder how many dislikes you would have accumulated if that function was still available...
That said, I do agree and I had figured it would be exactly like you described.
I haven't got an iOS or Android phone (Blackberry users represent!) so I can't confirm it's as terrible as I would assume or not...but it's a pretty logical step to take from the images I've seen and the information I can ascertain.
Anyways, just because a game/mod/song/anything has ponies in it does not mean that it is worth your time, and people need to understand this.

And yeah, freemium software is a cancer on the market.
Free-to-play = okay, freemium = not okay.

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This I can understand, I know how notorious Disney is when it comes to copyright, including their support of SOPA / ACTA.
I suppose what I'm trying to combat mostly is the vast misinformation that a lot of people seem to have, which is in favour of the idea that Disney would somehow change the show itself.
Of course they wouldn't, they know how much they could hurt the popularity of the show if they did.
But yes, they would most likely kill or at least severely hinder the fan community, which in the case of this fandom would be a very bad thing indeed.
Even just the knowledge that Disney control the license could scare away fans from larger potential projects, and I can see why that would be a problem in our hyperactive little internet cul-de-sac.

I suppose I can see why someone would be against Disney owning the rights to this franchise in this context.
Note that I never once said I liked them, I just said they did their jobs well.
And they do.

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I've never understood the Disney hate, whether over this or the acquisition of Lucasfilm.
Think about it, what have Disney, or its subsidiary partners given us? A wealth of great cartoons, multiple pixar masterpieces like toy story, and films such as Iron man and the Avengers.
In comparison, what has, lets say, Lucasfilm gave us in the last 20 years that is objectively good?
Indiana Jones and the crystal skull? No. The clone wars animated film? No. The star wars prequels?! Hell no.
They have released nothing that is objectively good since 1989, with the release of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.
But this isn't about Lucasfilm, is it?

Okay then, what about Disney? Why would people assume that Disney would change a franchise such as MLP drastically?
People seem to have this unusual misconception that Disney are stupid, that they don't know what they're doing.
Why would they? Disney are smart. Very smart. And yes some disney films recently haven't been AMAZING OH WOW level of quality, but hey they're still WAY better than the average rolled out garbage that the majority of film-makers produce.

I rest my case.

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As someone who doesn't have that channel (I'm in the UK ya know?) I thought they were literally attacking the show...I got my pitchfork ready and everything :(

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Especially if you're from a certain TV station.

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A spell to summon an insurmountable amount of jelly would be nice, I never quite have enough.!

(Constantly wondering if this is an RP account or not...probably not. But hey I might as well use the name!)

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Ah, I see. Maybe I will notice it next time.
Thank you for the information.

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Did he? This is news to me.
Do you know which it was?

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People have been printing off press badges to get in for years now.
If you really want in, you'll get in.

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Considering how bad E3 was (besides some obvious standouts) I think anything would have made it better, ponies or not.
Naturally this would be ideal though.