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We need the British monarchy in Canada like a fish needs a bicycle!!
Wake up Canadian politicians. The national polls taken over the past 7 years have concluded that the majority of Canadians do not wish to retain formal ties to the British monarchy. I think that now is the time to Canadianize the office of head of state. Let's get a parliamenatry committee assembled to study the function, duties, and proper title of the current governor general's office.

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Well said Mr. Freda! I thoroughly support the objectives of your movement. Canada needs its own head of state. The institution of monarchy is not representative of the Canadian value system. Our value system is based on merit, not on birth, blood and religion. I was delighted to read that the majority of Canadians agree that the British monarchy must go and it is time we plan for the future as a sovereign and independent nation. Now that does not sound radical to me.