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I see a number of people harping on Starlight Glimmer having a "petty" reason like it's a bad thing. Umm, what did you want? Seriously, what did you people who wanted something more actually want? She's a petty person. Everything about her character is petty. From the moment she first showed up to the moment she was set on a road to redemption, she has been petty. Even in her first episode, she was clearly petty. She fucked with a number of ponies' heads and convinced them to give up what made them them, and didn't even have enough conviction of her own to go through with her ideology. She wanted Twilight and friends to give up their cutie marks because of marketing (It would look great if an alicorn princess gave up her cutie mark). When beaten the first time, she stalked the person that showed her up until she concocted a plan to fuck her entire existence over. Petty vengeful bullshit.

Something hurt her emotionally, she used that to formulate an opinion, she took and built evidence over time to make that opinion and ideology, and in the end was convinced she was right about it and hellbent on proving her point. Then, when her efforts were broken, set about on revenge. It's petty, but it's also disturbingly real.

And really, all the villains are essentially petty. Luna's jealousy brought her to supernatural evil. Sombra's simple greed and ambition. Discord is doing it for shits and giggles, and Chrysalis is just hungry and ambitious. None of these are deep motivations, but the reality is, evil doesn't need to be deep, it tends to just happen.

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Generally I find the easiest way to determine whether or not a fan is going the toxic route is to consider if they're a fan of the thing that spawned the fandom, or a fan of the fandom itself.

Fans of the Thing tend to enjoy said thing. They like it, so they want to talk about, create around it, know about it, whatever. The fact is that it stems from an enjoyment of the source material. If they stop enjoying the source material, they end up simply moving on to something else. These people tend to be pretty chill.

Fans of the Fandom are where things get ugly. They may have started out as Fans of the Thing, but as time goes on, their attachment becomes more to the fandom and feelings surrounding it. This can lead toward the usual toxic attitudes that people get upset over. They cling to canon like dogma established by the fandom even if the source material moves away from it. They get cult like in their desire to keep their fandom "pure" and then create the exclusionary, hardcore attitude that drives away others. In the end, the source material can take a flying leap if the Fan of the Fandom can burrow deep enough to ignore it. But they're usually the ones that stink up fandoms if you start to note their behavioral patterns.

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Well shit.

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Good to see the newest iteration of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure is coming along nicely.

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I'm just going to call it a bumblebear.

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Of course. And given most shows are written via group, to pin things on a single writer for being at fault is plainly erroneous. And it's true that I don't dislike Fish Hooks, it just always seemed like it could've been better, and it always reminded me of Joe Murray's work and that I could be watching things like Rocko's Modern Life or Camp Lazlo instead.

I will stand by that Johnny Test was desperate, clamoring garbage. I just hope that whatever goes on in the creative department for MLP will have Neal producing better work than the shows he was saddled with.

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I'll hold out hope that Neal was restrained by a production bible while he was working on Johnny Test and Fish Hooks.

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The jacket with the letter patch, headband, and yellow gloves suggest an early 90s Rogue from the X-Men vibe. But that's just my guess.

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The Posies, a power pop group, released I Guess You're Right in 07. Modern enough: