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I've always found him attractive (as in, oh, look, an attractive man), but I didn't find him ROWR SEXY until Snowpiercer, weirdly. I don't know, something about the intense pretty eyes combined with the beard and just that solidity Curtis had. ROWR. Also, add me to the Andy Dwyer > Peter Quill camp.

I really hope we don't devolve to the point where it becomes slightly embarrassing for women to admit that they like different types of bodies than the Hypermasculine Ideal, the way men often seem slightly embarrassed to admit that they like things that aren't Busty Underwear Model.

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I love Snowpiercer with great intensity, really works best if you don't apply a lot of rigorous logic to most of it.

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BUT THEY STILL HAVE LONG HAIR! Is it not just *crazy* that they are tough and competitive and athletic and determined, and yet they have not shaved their heads in elementary school like tiny little Navy SEALS, but instead wear their hair LONG like GIRLS?

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Because we all keep reading that statistically, broody/deep/artsy/sensitive pictures of men on dating sites get more responses. So now all the dudes have stacked their profiles with those pictures, because obviously dating is a numbers game, and not a matter of whether or not the lady who messages you back will later be disappointed to learn how broody/deep/artsy/sensitive you aren't.

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I have never stolen a horse. Am I really gay?

Also, please let it be Michelle Pfeiffer.

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I wasn't initially sure why this was tagged "Beauty," but I now understand that to be short for "Beauty, Thing of."

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Am I insane, or is there no picture of the misandry hat at the link.

What does a misandry hat look like? AM I WEARING ONE RIGHT NOW???

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Does anyone remember the Roseanne episode where Johnny Galecki was brainwashed in the totally!not!Disney bootcamp bunker? "It says right in the training brochure, This is not a brainwashing camp!" One of the more successful of the show's goofball episodes, I feel. I have nothing to add. Just, remember that thing that I also remember?!?

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Ouch. I hope y'all resolve it in a manner that's safe and healthy to all parties. Losing a good friend is really the worst.

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I hear that, and I get the emotional power of it. But the thing is -- she's dead. I don't know what happens after you die, but I'm willing to put down good money that, one way or another, she's in no pain now. I feel like it's not unreasonable to prioritize the lives that can be saved, of the trans kids who *are* still in pain.

It's just not true that people are going to either kill themselves or not, they've made up their minds and there's nothing to be done. Little bitty things swing people -- especially teenagers -- one way or another all the time. There's a mountain of data on it. Still-living people's lives are very much in the balance here, and I have to care about that more than I care about the name on Leelah's tombstone. It feels just as harsh and awful to sit here and type as I'm sure it does to a lot of people reading it, but that's my moral calculus in this case.