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Government cannot make Gaza a closed city like Mubarak, the next operation will have a higher intensity. During Cast Lead we wanted to bomb the fence to drive them out and reoccupy the Philly Corridor.

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Automated systems in the academic library are continually evolving. An overview of the history of the automated system is presented with emphasis on client/server models. The shift from character-based to windows/web-based modules in the automated system is explained. Speculation on the how the changing roles of librarians. the evolving automated system, and the changing technology such as the ASP model. may impact each other.

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pipi lo majore :D

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Seven years - these days that is a lifetime - if you can't move faster than that, I don't think the future is for you.

Structure is where we have come from, I am hopeful that the future lies with the unstructured and the chaotic. So many resources are frittered away on structure and culture. Let the anarchic future begin.

Nice Article


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Enterprising chief executives innovate new pathways of power, are met with little resistance, and thus the innovations soon become norms. Most presidents since TR have contributed to this process, regardless of party or ideology.

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Skills4study is a fantastic interactive e-learning resource focusing of the core study skills that every student needs. There is also information on how to avoid plagiarism, referencing, exam skills, presentation skills and group work.

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“A viable private pension sector requires the right set of preconditions. Experts from countries such as Australia have an opportunity to contribute to developing the region’s pension and insurance infrastructure thanks to local experience in population ageing research and policy implementation,” Chomik says.

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ur online product data entry includes database updation, online product entry, amazon entry, online stores data entry, catalog processing services.

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Whatever the type of content you are producing, make sure it doesn’t try to skin too many cats.

It is the most common problem that people have when addressing an audience through online content. Whether it’s company news, an email campaign, social media post or webinar, the content must stay on point. We all have lots to say, but the best content delivers one call to action. It answers one question or solves one problem. No one piece of content – web page, blog post, white paper, etc. – should try to be the mother of all marketing agenda’s. Retain perspective on what it is you want to achieve and don’t mix messages.

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Prizes.org is a great crowd sourcing portal and I'm looking forward to research more this portal. Thanks.