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Absolutely essential if we are to regain the authority of the police and end the anarchy on our streets. And when Khan starts squawking and does or incites something irresponsible (which he will) get rid of his organisation as we did with the GLC.

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When the GLC clearly demonstrated that it was not fit for purpose a genuine Conservative Prime Minister got rid of it.

The Mayor of London and all of its organisation have clearly reached that position, as has the serially incompetent Cressida Dick. I am of the view that Khan would find a job stacking shelves in Sainsburys an intellectual challenge too far and the zenith of CD's achievements seems to be the maintenance of the politically correct gender balance.

High time to get rid of the mayoral body and bring the police force of our capital city (of our whole country) back under the control of the Home Secretary.

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Spot on!

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There is nothing wrong with The Guardian changing its mind over the last 150 years or so. Regardless of whether I support or disprove of its current views. There is everything wrong and hypocritical with the woke mob and the clowns like you who seem to be an arch-typical support of theirs, always taking a very selective (to the point of promoting dishonesty) view of history in order to try to promote their anarchic views.

We should welcome any change of heart when it promotes reasonable and sensible behavior by that person(s) and judge today's actions by today’s standards whilst accepting yesterday’s standards in the context of yesterday. We do not need to understand or empathise with them and we certainly do not need to try to rewrite history. That is what grown-ups do!

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If I decide to go and rip down the bust of Nelson Mandela on the South Bank will the useless and incompetent Cressida Dick instruct her offices to allow this and will that third rate specimen of homo-sapiens, Khan support me?

After all Mandela was a terrorist in the early part of his life. No matter that he later became a figure for reconciliation, moved on from the apartheid years, undoubtedly saved his country from massive civil unrest and quite possibly civil war with external intervention and thus saved many millions of lives. According to the ‘principles’ and modus operandi of the woke, its supporters and apologists I should ignore that and focus only on what I self-indulgently and naively want to believe!

Oh - wait a minute it is, of course, a different and diametrically opposite set of principles for them and for me!

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Excellent stuff!

But a bit of a problem. The selective quoting and thinking of history. Whereas the woke mob, its followers and apologists choose to ignore what philanthropic things Edward Colston did later in life and focus only his earlier activities, the Guardian will ignore what it views were historically and focus on the irresponsible politically correct buffoonery that it now supports.

So, I am afraid this unprofessional, left wing propaganda rag will not be closing itself down.

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Nuclear has provided the base load for many decades and is reliable and inexpensive (relatively) to operate. It is very expensive to build mainly due to the lack of commercial acumen within the old CEGB and others and this has been compounded by government’s (mainly Labour ones) failure to maintain a domestic nuclear capability in the face opposition from the eco-fundamentalist crack-pots. Again, governments lacking the balls to do the right and sensible thing when confronted and/or threatened by anarchic protesters. These fundamentalists latterly seem to have changed their mind, accepting that it is a no/low carbon source now that we have lost the capability to build it!

Nuclear’s output is adjustable except in the very short term, and it is predictable, unlike most of the renewables. The current situation has certainly caused balancing problems with a severe drop in demand within the non-domestic sector and an increase in the already notoriously unpredictable domestic sector. I note there is no mention in the article or the responses, of the problems during the 10th Jan. to 8th Feb. issue when a fault in the Western Link caused the Scottish wind generators were paid vast sums to be constrained off. This represented a large open-ended subsidy for renewables which had to be agreed in order for them to be built. The open-ended nature of this subsidy means that we, the end user bill payer and probably the taxpayer, will be paying more subsidies for years to come.

It also highlights the fact that renewables need to be built in areas where they can operate most efficiently. This is not necessarily the most efficient for the overall system. So, this gives the lie to the claim that an ‘intelligent’ transmission and distribution system will allow for lots of small and efficient generators to operate. The upgrading of these systems is also and additional cost for us to pay for. I would point out that non-energy cost already account for approximately half the cost of an electricity bill.

This post is not intended as a pro-nuclear sales pitch nor an anti-renewables one but we do need to take a balanced view and have diverse primary energy supply.

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Call_Me_Dave, you clearly do not have the guts or integrity to use your name but hide behind this pseudonym to snipe at the 'grown ups' on this site.

What you do have is an unsurpassed ability to talk out of your backside!

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I am not sure that you got all your facts correct but your thrust was spot on. In particular your criticism of the utterly useless Cressida Dick. She is very far from being up to the job and should be sacked for serial incompetence, immediately.

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I have long advocated replacing Corporation Tax with a sales tax. VAT should remain and it would be relatively simple to collect the sales tax through this. The VAT total output figures are approximately 10 times as big as the total Corp. Tax figure so a 2% (or even 3%) average would be straight forward to collect and administer, without even needing an additional box to fill in on the VAT form.

The sales tax could have various rates depending upon what we want our policy to be regarding imported sales, exported, internal, startup companies, even different product categories, etc. A one off or at worst once per year input for companies to define their category (ies) for the coming FY. It will not be beyond the wit of Sage, Xero, Inuit, etc. as well as the big software players to implement this very quickly.

Providing our employment taxes are kept reasonable there will much less incentive for international companies to move their ‘profit’ centers to tax havens and thus UK will benefit and it will be seen to be fairer.