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As per usual, I'm rocking up here at the last minute on Sunday night, but after reading through these comments and final posts, I have to chime in one last time. It still hasn't sunk in that this is it for The Toast, at least as we know it, and I'll be savoring reading the many final comments over the next couple of days. See you on the flip side, beautiful witch nerds. I love you.

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HOLY. COW. I leave the country for the weekend without Internet, and THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS?!?! I don't even care that I'm a straggler right now, HRC on The Toast is out of control. God, this site is magic.

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That puffed sleeves would be the be-all, end-all of party fashions, and becoming a teacher in my early 20s would result in lasting-friendships with snobby locals and misadventures in which I bond with my charges. All lies, LMM, all lies.

The one thing LMM did prepare me for was that if (when, really) I drink too much wine at a small get-together, I will become exceedingly intoxicated, my mother will be horrified, and I will puke in bushes. And yet, it hasn't stopped me.

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I think now's the time to admit that I have opened emails with 'Hey Ladies!!!'. Some of my friends also call me Ali. I just wanted to come clean.

work work work work work - Rihanna

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While this was my first thought as well, I love everything about this thread and how it has transpired.

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I love this series SO MUCH! Each installment has been so informative, and I literally got chills of excitement that had NO OUTLET while reading the assessment of the pseudo-OE at work last week. Such is the beauty of the Toast and you for writing this. Can't wait to follow your blog!

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Holy wow, CEREAL! IS! THE! WORST! I have an actual list of top worst times I've heard people eat cereal, ranked in order of how vivid my fantasy of violently silencing the eater was.

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I EXPECT DEAD BODIES TOO! Especially if I'm hiking or in kind of a swampy area or basically anywhere with greenery or bushes, I can't help but double check for a bag of kittens (alive of course! Because I have a kitten savior complex!) or a mystery body discovery. I don't really want either of these scenarios to occur though, universe.

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10/10 ordered mine while manning the enquiry desk. It made me a happier, and therefore better, librarian.

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Toasties, I won't be around to comment on the 1st for the OT, so I'll say it now: Thank you SO MUCH for making and maintaining such a unique, kind, outstandingly brilliant community. Hanging out here for the pieces and the comments have genuinely kept me a much happier, more grounded person, especially on days like this, when it feels like the end is nigh. I transitioned over here from The Hairpin, and now that Toastie Slack is taking off and there's a Space Witch Retreat around the bend, it feels like there is still so much to look forward to with you guys. Nicoles and Mallory, thank you, you magnificent, resplendent creatures. You've made me the soppy, misandrist sea witch of hot doom that I am today, and I love y'all (said with appropriate amounts of foreboding doom).