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Best wishes and prayers for his family and other loved ones.

We hardly knew you.

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Mo-HAM-med says, "eat more pork!"

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This is precisely a WAR between the corrupt GOP establishment and grass roots Conservatism.

The GOP power elite have destroyed every candidate that came along to threaten their coronation of Mitt Romney.

Newt Gingrich has become the most serious threat, so he's receiving the harshest slime slinging.

If Mitt Romney achieves getting the nomination, Conservatism loses big time AND Obama will serve four more years.

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"Davos elites to seek reforms of 'outdated' capitalism?

Let me get this straight: the purveyors one world government and crony capitalism want to "reform" the (non-existent) capitalist system.

Do I have that right?

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"Gingrich Bashes Media, Then Gets Whipped By Santorum"

Is this commentary or a campaign ad?

Santorum didn't whip anybody. Ron Paul and Newt Gingrich were in total command of this debate.

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I couldn't stomach any more of your ignorant tripe.

You are the intellectual equivalent of plankton.

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Romney can't rise above 25% which means 75% are looking for someone else. Cain is thus far surviving his accusers and Gingrich will rise above Romney and above Cain if Cain stumbles again.

Romney isn't going anywhere.

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Congress, charged with the responsibility of levying taxes, stands by like a lifeless turnip.

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Karl Rove is a heavy metal-bagpipng, GOP power elite, blue blood-subserviant suck-up cockroach. He's the chief concigliere and assassin for the totally corrupt GOP Mafiosi.

The GOP blue bloods are determined to coronate Mitt Romney. Mitt Romney is a mixture of Michael Dukakis, Barack Obama and John Mcain. You can throw in a good measure of the "Riddler" to round him out.

I haven't yet settled on a candidate, but the crap now coming out against Cain is the same old same old crap that has been used by Progressives, the Marx Stream Media AND their loving helpers - Karl Rove and the GOP elite sewer-driven cockroaches.

Please ignore Tokyo Rove. He's a hairy-livered inbred maggot and a $2 whore.