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This is like Boris declares war on Japan then everyone wants to know how many Labour MPs are siding with the Japanese thus handing Boris another win and a red wall landslide as “Labour only care about the Japanese”.

There’s no evidence Labour only care about the Japanese, Boris, mate.

How about we grow up as a nation and accept Boris and Gove told a load of lies to win a stupid referendum and there was a mixed bag of results none of which are the fault of Starmer?

On the other side of the pond, Trump is still claiming never to have lost an election. I actually doubted myself when I first heard it - assumed I’d heard Trump wrong because “he couldn’t be that unhinged, really?’ But no, turns out he is that unhinged.

As for Trump’s wife - the fact she doesn’t correct him is proof she’s a nasty piece of work when push comes to shove: cross her at your peril.

Maybe it’s the suits? Men and women in suits take on an air of authority and competence whereas if Trump and his wife were wearing black military uniforms we’d more easily see them for what they are?

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your best bet is to draw up a list of things you think female teachers in Wales should never be allowed to say to 8 year old English boys and then see where it does and does not match with the thinking of most current BBC staff.

We’re all pro-censorship, we just sometimes differ about the specifics.

For balance and as a control, you can bring ITV staff into the equation if you want to broaden the experiment.

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‘What was freedom of movement like?’
‘Is that really you campaigning against gay marriage?’
‘And then you took on 4 Russian cops after battering a Barcelona fan with a bar stool?’

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I think the nation will trade off you never voting Tory again in return for less bags of lorry driver excrement dangling from trees in Kent.

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Brexit has provided us plenty of entertainment, and one political assassination of an unarmed female MP.

My fave bit was when Gove told a woman that a vote to leave wouldn’t impact her ability to live wherever she liked in Europe. Like a man sawing the wings off a ‘plane while telling the passengers “it’ll be fine - trust me, I’m a middle class English journalist talking to you veeeery calmly and slowwwwly, as if you’re all just a little bit simple.”

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‘Ministers’ case will be that the EU wanted to subjugate the UK, uniquely among independent countries negotiating a trade deal, to its own rules, standards and laws”

I feel like a man living in a country in which a couple of hundred well off people are playing a role playing game at a country estate that costs me money each time a member of the establishment decides that “I’m not going to dress up as a wizard .... not unless Emily agrees to show me her fanny.”

50 quid down the drain ... 20 quid down the drain ... more red tape ... Emily has stormed off, that’ll cost me 3 months of savings ... more red tape ... looks like Peter Bone has just cost me 40 quid .... more red tape ... and there goes my freedom of movement .... aw balls, what have they done now? Put it down Gove .... more red tape ... Emily has set fire to the curtains ...

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You could monitor the London Dungeon once a month to ensure its Japanese and American visitors are not being subjected to Marxist thinking.

It would really help my team out as we’re stretched and knackered keeping tabs on Frankie Boyle.

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The EU will part on terms it deems subpar but necessary.

That 17 million Brits may find it perplexing is neither here nor there. The number of British brexit voters sitting in rooms where the EU weighs up and explains its choices must be close to zero nowadays, journalists aside.

The Japanese and USA never base their internal policies on what they think will be understandable to 17 million people mostly located in England and Wales and the vast majority of English women have never flown to Washington or Tokyo to take part in policy creation/change.

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talks continue ... Imagine if Boris and Frost were merely right wing tabloid journalists:

Boris Johnson in last week’s Sun column: “We must walk away NOW.”. Yesterday’s Telegraph column: “It’s outrageous that we’re still talking to the bully boys of Brussels”

Frost in his Sun column last week : “Why we must walk away NOW”. Yesterday in Frost’s column for the Telegraph: “WHY on earth is the PM still bothering with the bully boys of Brussels? Has she learnt nothing?’

Being a no dealer is the easiest thing in the world when all you have to do is sit on the sidelines counting your cash as you churn out the copy.

In the real world, outside the gutter press, politicians know that life in a globalised economy is about often very difficult compromise and cross border cooperation and legally binding, contractual obligations.

It requires a lot of red tape and millions of foreigners to keep Brits warm and fed, truth be told. It ain’t easy.

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I no longer post on The Sun, Express or Telegraph websites as the moderation is too strict and/or the sign up process too long winded. What this means for Brexiters is that threads often end in utter ignorance with English brexiters stumping each other with questions such as “Does France even have an army?” and “Why on earth would anyone want to live in Italy?”

Imagine a world in which everyone in Britain could only access information about current events and history put out by Sun and Express reading Brexit voters? It’d be a case of:

‘I thought Trump won the election?”
‘He did. The marxists at the BBC are claiming Biden won because they want to flood the world with their woke agenda.”
‘Time to boycott the evil BBC’