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Original Game Boy as erotica? Challenge accepted.

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You'll have to forgive me. I've just been really aggravated since "Random Interesting Facts" threads have become "Random Annoying BS with 1 Fact Mixed In". Yet another fake fact, even intended as a joke, has me seeing red.

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#8 While I support mocking vegetarians, I do not support making shit up. Is it really that hard to Google these so called facts?

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The quick answer is that mandating seatbelts on buses would actually result in MORE injuries and deaths while also wasting an obscene amount of money. This may sound absurd but it is true. If you have the patience I explain in detail below.

What you need to understand is that even without seatbelts, buses are incredibly safe compared to cars. The number of deaths on school buses is only in the tens each year, while the number of deaths for cars is in the tens of thousands each year. Even when you account for fatalities per mile school buses come out ahead by a wide margin. The large size and special design of buses is key to their safey. The more rigorous qualifications needed for a license and the safer driving practices followed by bus drivers also play a part.

Adding seatbelts to each bus would be incredibly expensive, estimated at $1,500 to $3,000 per bus, adding up to tens of millions of dollars a year to merely outfit new buses. This is an awful lot of money that would provide minimal improvement to an already stellar safety record. Seatbelts also limit the number of children who can ride a bus; young kids can typically fit three to a bench, but seatbelts would force two to a bench in order to accommodate older students. This results in districts requiring more buses. Together these two factors create a prohibitive cost that could cause cash strapped districts (i.e. basically all of them) to reduce their bus services. This would result in more kids riding in cars - which we've already established is far more dangerous, increasing the number of injuries and deaths.

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Hmm... this seems familiar.

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#20 Kicks ass!

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#15, #21

I Can't Believe it's Not I Can't Believe it's Not Butter!

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#3 Forget this "turns blue" crap. From now on this is how we should check to see if our beer is cold.

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If National Geographic is to be believed, rhinos can indeed jump. Sloths, however, can not. Probably has something to do with their inability to properly stand.

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The grammar is atrocious, but I can live with that. On the internet that is par for the course. That said, I wouldn't mind if an editor went through and made corrections before posting. What really kills me though is the multiple factual errors. I rely exclusively on comedy websites for all my information so I can not stand for this!

The following are all flat out wrong or highly suspect (and this may not even be a complete list):

3 - technically true, but lacking in information. Assuming 7 billion people on Earth with equally spread out birthdays, you would share your birthday with ~19 million other people. Unless of course you were born on February 29th, in which case you would *only* share with over 4 million people.

4 - pencils today are made with graphite, not lead. I doubt graphite and lead pencils deplete at the same rate, so either this fact goes beyond pointless (lead pencils just aren't relevant) or false (if it describes graphite instead).

7 - seriously chive? If Mythbusters has covered this you have no excuse.

8 - an old myth that is obviously false as many animals lack anything remotely resembling legs. And qualifying it with mammals doesn't make it true either. Sloths can't jump (or indeed stand).

10 - there are untold numbers of planets that exist, humanity has simply has yet to discover virtually all of them. I guarantee at least one of them (in addition to Venus) spins clockwise. Venus is merely the only planet in our solar system that spins clockwise

11 - the figure used here is ~300 million. However, this applies to English LEARNERS not speakers. The vast majority of this 300 million probably isn't even fluent enough to speak Engrish let alone English.

13 - This "fact" is often packaged with kangaroos inability to walk backwards as well, and is highly in doubt. I can't find a definitive source either way, but there are quite a lot of claims that Emus can walk backwards (though poorly).

15 - stress as the cause of octopuses eating their own arms is doubtful. Some research apparently indicates a virus that attacks the nervous system may be the cause of this behavior

20 - just a plain old myth that has been disproved by boring scientific studies. Women don't blink twice as often as men.