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There is already a case at the Fifth Circuit. From Texas. http://www.freedomtomarry.org/litigation/entry/5t...

If the Fifth Circuit affirms this District Court ruling, it will likely create a circuit split, making it much more likely that SCOTUS will take up the issue.

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This is interesting. If the insurance company recorded the call, then there will not likely be a problem. But if it did not record the call, and Cienfuegos did not either tell the company he was recording or get its permission, the recording may not be admissible at trial.

If the company was itself recording, then I do not think there would be a problem. But I also could see an insurance company arguing: "Hey, I did not consent to being recorded" even though it was itself recording the conversation.

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and she wouldn't give it to me.

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These are starting AVERAGE salaries, not even starting median salaries. I am sure there are some obscure positions that drag this average up quite a bit over the median. In other words, these numbers do not say a whole lot.

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Have you seen Google Earth? That is for civilians. I think it can be safely assumed that the U.S. has the capability to read your texts from a satellite if you are holding your phone outside. I am not saying they are doing that, but I think that is entirely possible, given today's technology.

Also, what's to say they cannot fly over your property with a helicopter and sophisticated cameras? They would call that plain view.

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This is a ridiculous argument. Yes, only criminals would balk at the thought of government intruding into every aspect of their lives. This is usually the argument advanced by despots and tyrants in an attempt to justify unjustified intrusions. You have heard of the Fourth Amendment? Your argument is a little like saying only criminals want to own guns, so I have no problem ignoring the Second Amendment and allowing the government to take my guns away. P.S. I am about as liberal as they come, too.

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"Hey mister, where'd all the jobs go?" while pushing a cart chock-a-block full of items made in China.

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No, I believe (as do most) that at some point the beating became excessive and unreasonable.

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To be fair, I may be a little confused and angry if I had just been savagely beaten by four police officers without justification as well.

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You know Zimmerman and his wife were transferring money from his account to hers, as well as his sister's account before the hearing at which they said they were indigent, right? And you also know that Zimmerman was recorded on the phone telling his wife to use the Internet funds to pay off their credit cards and a Sam's Club card - all before the hearing. They knew they had the money; they knew they could do what they please with it; and they misrepresented to the court, most likely because they just came into a bunch of money for nothing and they wanted to keep it.