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Oh my god, we can never be safe. Lock your doors and windows and throw the tv out. With McCarthy gone, who is there anymore to defend us against talking puppets and their spreading of filth?

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While those stupid comedians are laughing in their blissful ignorance, the Muppets are enacting their evil plan for a far-left totalitarian society :'( Why can't anyone see this??? Why aren't they concerned?? Concerned for our future, concerned for our innocent children. We need to protect ourselves against the likes of Kermit. Brothers and sisters, I am calling you to join me and Christian Toto in this fight against the forces of Darkness.

Do you want to go back in time to Stalin's Soviet Union? Me and Christian Toto certainly don't want to. That's a question you should ask yourself the next time you hear Miss Piggy singing and think it's just some kids' program and that you are safe.

"They are just puppets", you might say. Well, what they ultimately want is for everyone to become puppets. Puppets for a totalitarian Muslim in the White House.

Not on Christian Toto's watch I say, not on my watch. Don't tread on me.

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What the hell? Why is Nolte obsessed with some comment Ellen DeGeneres made years ago? This blog entry makes no sense.

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Yes, upsetting tea party rednecks must be the source of all problems. Brilliant analysis from John Nolte.

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Families in need? They should get a job. Leeches.

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She should have sung a proper politically themed song instead:

I aaam Ameeeericaaa, yu-up
one voice, united we stand yee-haaawww
I aaaam Ameericaaaaaa

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"and NOW has nothing to say about it... "

Why do you lie? In the very blog entry you are commenting on, NOW is stating how inappropriate and juvenile the song choice was.

I hope you won't be such a liar in the future. Cheers.

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Yes, with Republicans in power, all economic troubles will go away.

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I think I remember some of your earlier posts. You were the one who seemed to be on meth.

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No, I'm good, dear.