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My friend Rosemary Storm's tribute to all of our fallen veterans...


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I think the tide is turning (or I sure hope it is), but one of the big stumbling blocks to that is the natural aversion that most people have to ever admitting that they're wrong. I think it needs to start somewhere at the top. This has to be handled at that level (amongst others) because millions of gullible people have emotionally invested their very credibility into this issue. Somebody Big is going to have to find some Big balls and bring the Big Mea Culpa on this one in order to get the ball(s) rolling.

To that end, I have hastily assembled a humble suggestion.

Gawd, I hope they sue me. Please, sue me.

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"Hey Doc, I think you left your ring on..?"

"That's not my ring, it's my Rolex!"

Try the veal...

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I love Palin, but I think she should stay off of radio. Her voice isn't really suited for it. A minute or two, here and there, is fine, but a steady diet might be too much.

She does well on TV, but I don't know about a regular show. Overexposure... or something.

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As I recall, the extras on the DVD have a feature just about Technicolor and how it came about. Fascinating stuff if you like the technical side of things.

And if you have Netflix, you can watch the movie instantly (but not the extras).

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Canadians live three years longer than Americans.

The only drawback is: they have to live those three years in Canada.

I keed. Relax, you hockey pucks. Besides, what's a little six-week-wait for a root canal?

Bonus Round: Did you hear about the guy who had a map of Canada tattooed on his ass? Every time he sat down, Quebec separated.

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I wasn't thinking about that, but now that you mention it, it is 60 years now. Dang, I'm old.

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No German citizens ever got a Volkswagen till years after the war. Other than a prototype or two, none were produced till 1949. The English military helped piece the bombed-out factory back together and then they went home. Or something like that.

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I scream at my television too, but I don't call it "Mr. Obama". My wife won't let me watch TV when he's on it, and I don't blame her.

And I never go anywhere without my Boog-Stop™. And one of these..

Ok, I made that part up. It's really for the cat.

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Greg Gutfeld, I know your name, and I just can't quit you, man.

Well, if in fact that is your real name.