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Not entirely true. Because there are women who make a two-man tent look egregiously hot. And it's convenient, too, because even if they're half an apartment away, you can just reach out and grab them anyway.

Happy Saturday. We should all be outside.

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Oh, OK. it's on.

Rod Stewart? Bruce Springsteen? Chris Fucking Isaak?

Not sexy. Not. Because I want some sex with my sex. I want rolling eyes, sweaty upper lips. I want lace accessories that make Madonna look like a Maoist. I want thousands of people watching, wearing black.


[youtube tXNtuPQMjnI youtube]

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I loved me some Weiner -- even volunteered for his mayoral campaign. But then the kerfuffle erupted about the 'Ground Zero Mosque', and he went stone silent. As did Schumer.

Their reasons weren't complicated; both have seriously influential liberal Jewish constituencies, and those aren't feathers you want to ruffle unless you've got a damned good reason. (And Bloomberg went there, didn't he, but he doesn't have to worry about re-election just now.)

But I did lose some respect. It made me feel that Weiner is passionate, yes, but also more of a facile politician than I'd thought. And so his outbursts seem, on their margins, histrionic.

Still glad I'm a New Yorker, though, and that these are my boys.

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Sweet post, and great starting point for endless debate.

My only real problem with an otherwise strong list --- there's no Iggy! NO IGGY!

No Iggy, no justice. No peace.

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Shit --- 50%? Got a source on that? Jesus' britches, I had no idea it was that bad.

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I would, but 'hind tit' confused me. It's a lone deer breast, I gather. If so, use it constantly.

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Most likely. There might be a sub-formula for paying a fraction of ad CPM too. Either way, everyone is fucked, eventually.

As for the writers -- if they're any good (and I have my favorites, like everyone else), they'll be OK. From where I sit, the quality was edging down over the last year or so, as the anything-for-views tone gained strength. But it was still head and shoulders above the rest, most days.

Maybe now they'll bring in Michael Wolff, and finish off Gawker for good.

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Zowee! So why did you lose it?

A few weeks ago, Brian Moylan posted one of his tattered little "blind items", and was looking for the name of some randy starlet or other. So I suggested Prince. Not exactly a stretch, I thunk. So Moylan comes on the horn, and warns me that if I offered such offbase input again, I'd lose my blessed star.

Imagine the reply possibilities around THAT.

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Just read that on Gawker, Salome -- before my last, final logout. Well done. You speak for many. I just hope it's many many.

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Yes, we're here. A lot of former Gawker 'stars'. Which is not to say that we're 'more intelligent'. Just more pithy. So welcome, you drink of water you.