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Porsche pronounced as Porsh by most or Porsh-er by some Germans.

Call the local agent and they will pronounce it as පෝෂ්.

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But cars are driven by past pupils? Wise ones who don't smell so bad

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Girls (not Galz) like boys who look clean.

Bad boys are different from filthy underworld rats. Maybe you also like child rapists and pedophiles?

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Mosques in residential areas don't howl at 4:30am. You must be living in a non-residential area. If it's built on a residential street then go lodge a complaint.
All sounds should be banned. Go ask for Milinda's help. Temple Chants are an effing pain

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They said Motor Rally, not Ralley.

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Guts don't make you not guilty. Shouting "HORA" doesn't balance out all the vile and stupid shit he's done.

He also asked people to stop using google.

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You're protesting because the Government is harming citizens? Geez, where were you during the last 25 years? Studying under a rock?

Everyone laughed at you at school, and everyone is laughing at you now. You're not "changing the world or making people aware" by blocking the roads. You're only making loathe you even more. Don't let the green eyed monster get to you. Jealousy will consume you! Relax, study a bit less, protest a bit less, get qualified and enjoy life. Maybe try take an example out of med students in foreign Universities. They look normal, talk normal and behave normal. It's the lankan ones that stand out like lame tadpoles.

P.S - Also found your paragraphs really difficult to use. What's with the over-use-of-hypens and then the periods...for...dramatic...effect ending with multiple question??marks?? Hope you don't do the same when it comes to antibiotic prescriptions.

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I propose an Amude Uniform

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Maybe you can pay back the public by silently completing your studies and not blocking the roads. We didn't pay you to protest lol.
Everyone laughed at you back in school. And no soul is jealous of a local medical student today.

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You can't practice private before you serve for the Government/දුෂ්කර පලාත්.

Private/Govt/Anyone has to sit for the final exam and practice at Govt hospitals before doing private