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I hope all of you whining 21st century hippies get locked out of town......or State with Beck's key to the City.

Bunch of fakes who actually think listening to that former espn sports blabber actually ever speaks the truth or states any facts.

Liberali's that think BHO is going to send you a check for your lame support.

You spend all day drinking over-priced coffee and smoking Washington/Canada weed and scamming people with "organic" food and hemp shirts.

This country was not built by hippies ....not now or in the 1960's.

If you think your blabbing weed tales will bother Beck or FOX News or the commercial buyers you need to put down the hash pipe and stop faking your disability to live off of actual tax payers.

Ok get back to twisting up your phony dread locks.

Class dismissed (you can't even spell cappuccino unless you read your paper cup)

(and btw KOMO acting like YOU clowns is the voice of the people is a joke and the fact is only you loons spend all your time on a site like this making stuff up since you have never actually watched Beck or the Factor or any FOX News.....you just repeat what a left-wing loon told you to think and believe)

And I know what Rush says but I don't follow him around any more than the band RUSH.