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Just a heads up, Season 6 has NOT been confirmed. All we know is that a little while back Cartoon Network said there was "more to come" after Season 5, and then later the movie was announced. So the movie will almost certainly be the finale, as I can't see the show continuing after this.

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I'd love you to watch BoJack Horseman; the show is all about depression, and I feel like your insight on it would be nice to read.

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Will you be doing Steins;Gate 0 now?

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I haven't watched it yet, but the general consensus I got was "More of the same, no better or worse".

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Dunno if you've been asked this yet, but the sequel series is currently airing and should wrap up in about a month. Will you be watching it too?

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Would you ever consider doing BoJack Horseman?

It's one of the best shows I've ever seen, and a magnificent dive into depression.

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I strongly disagree with your opinion on the episode, but I can understand why you feel the way you do. I personally find it to be one of the best episodes of the series.

While I understand making correlations with current events, you have to consider where Steven is coming from. Bismuth isn't talking about punching Homeworld Gems in the face; she's talking about shattering, which is tantamount to killing. Steven is not only a child, but he's a child filled with compassion and understanding, and to him, killing should never, EVER be an option, even against those as heinous as Homeworld Gems. He believes that he can come to an understanding with those who are out to get him; like he said, he's used to people wanting to kill him before he befriends them by now.

The thing is, while Peridot firmly believed in Homeworld ideology, she also showed an openness of learning and adapting, which was how Steven was able to get through to her. But when Rose poofed Bismuth, it gave her a chance to consider her actions, to debate if she was in the right if Rose turned on her. But instead, she wanted to get right back to shattering the Homeworld Gems. Steven tried to explain to Bismuth that NOBODY deserves shattering, and what does Bismuth do in response? She swings at Steven with the Breaking Point.

Bismuth is not beyond redemption, but she was also clearly in the wrong. What could Steven have done after she was poofed? Let her back out and hope that she would change her ways AGAIN? She had two chances, and she failed both. Bismuth is, simply put, mentally unhinged, and Steven was not emotionally ready to guide her out of how she felt.

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