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I thought that it was innocent till proven guilty. Well she has been proven guilty and therefore fired. How could it be clearer that her pay should cease. Same old story, if the govenment runs it then it will be run into the ground. Why are we suprised???

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As I said in the years past, cigarettes will only be the beginning of taxing us to "health". As the cigarette taxes go down with usage then they will have to tax somehere else and now you see where they are headed. Food and weight will be the next targets. Maybe that is why many liberals are in favor of legalizing pot. The "munchies" will stimulate tax revenues. There is a plan for everything to be taxed.

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!!! Men, for too long you have cast off your duties of being leaders of your families and become cowards through fathering out of wedlock children that you have no relationship with or responsibility for, through divorce where you've cast off your duties to your former spouse, or worse yet you lazily sit back and let the liberal education system raise your children to be the citizens they want them to be. Men of America MAN UP!!! Take the bull by the horns and lead your family to stand against throwing our great nation to the dogs in Washington. My 15 and 11 years old daughters may hate listening to my rants and raves but at least they understand what the Constitution says and stands for and the principals the country was founded upon. Again, it starts at home and it takes men of character and courage to lead the fight.

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I guess we can see what a liberal media and education system has produced. Parents of America arise and take back your children. It is not pleasant or easy but it is the right thing to do. I fight the materialist liberal system with my children daily. They bring home the entitlement mentality daily. It all has to start at home to make any difference.

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We have given an ear when we should have given a cannon. I know that my thought may not be a pleasant one but it is the only one that will work. As long as we negoiate they will continue to take hostages. It reminds me of parents today who negoiate with their children, give them what they want hoping to make them happy and curb the bad behavior, and then find themselves back at the table bargining for the next thing to make them happy after the last thing has failed. Do I want to see the captain die, no, but I don't want these thugs to think for a minute that taking a US hostage will gain them any benefit of any kind. Three things, possibably four; 1 - wait on the pirate help that is coming to arrive, 2 - place them in the center of the ship's weapons crosshairs, 3 - say "let him go", and 4 - (if needed) blow them out of the water. If this doesn't work repeat steps 1-4 again.

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All right!!! I like it!!! You know that a cannon is nothing but a large caliber muzzel loader. I'll just get me a whole lot of those large caliber muzzel loaders and be loyal to the constitution. Makes good sense to me. Thanks for setting me straight Jeffty_is_five.

Oh no, do you think that they will come up with an assult muzzel loader ban???

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Amen and pass the potatoes. Why is it that we bubbas, the common simple folk, get this most simple concept and they, the intellectual smart people, don't. I don't consider being a bubba an insult, but rather a compliment. Plain simple and to the point works for me, and the point that has been made is that when the government has your guns the government has you. I tell my children and they understand that the guns that I have are for two resons; food for my home and family if and when needed and for the protection or defending my home and family if and when needed. These are the two things that I cannot trust my government to do without signing over the "farm" over to them to them, and I worked too long and too hard to get the "farm" that I have. Please know that the "farm" refers to my home and property. I don't really have a farm. Thought I might need to clear that up for the smart non-bubbas that might not understand.

Proud to be a bubba!!!

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Wow, 3 months of the government = nothing done, and 8 days of we the people = everything complete. The government takes our money and gives the people little or nothing, but the people (using the money the government allows them to keep after taxes) takes their money and gets the job done. What more proof do you need that the free market works better than the government running the show. Way to go Hawaii!!! Last state in makes the first big move. I hope we all take note and learn. The more we do for ourselves the more power we take away from the government and give back to ourselves!!!

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Nothing will be said. Barney and the boys have their hands too dirty to wash up when it comes to Fannie and Freddie, so since they can't clean it up they'll just cover it up and not report it.

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How are we arrogant??? Just because our nation and it's people have worked hard and become the great nation that it is, or after the next four years I might say was, why should we apoligize???

I get up, have prayer and eat breakfast with my family, tell my childern and wife I Love them, kiss my wife goodbye, go to work (thankfully I still have a job) and do that which is required of me for my pay, return home, do the chores that need to be done by the man of the house, bless the food and eat diner, have devotions with my family, have a time of prayer for request that are made by my wife, children, and myself, spend time with my children and then alone time with my wife, and go to bed with my wife' s head laying upon my chest and thank God for the blessing of just experencing all of the blessings above. I am proud of the life I live!!! Does this make me arrogant???

Now, if you must call me arrogant go ahead and do so, but as for me I will call myself PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN and PROUD TO BE A BLESSED CHILD OF THE ALMIGHTY GOD!!!