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I think that Bryan wins the whole thing at Mania (70k people doing yes is an image they will take to the bank). But HHH will get the title back on Orton or Dave at Extreme Rules. There is always more money in the chase for Bryan style characters but i just dont think they could pass up the opportunity at that 70 thousand people screaming yes with Bryan holding the titles.

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He is too busy teaching maths to have a podcast

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He is the reason i became a fan of rasslin in the first place.

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Im sorry friend but i cant agree with a number of those things. First - Putting a part timer up against a full timer. It means Lesnar cant/wont win and Mania needs that hint of uncertainty.
Second Brock cant go face. It didnt work all those years ago and the man is so easy to hate turning him face would be tough to accept. that is just my opinion though.

I still think Daniel Bryan v Cena/HHH/Orton is best for business for the title (and the long term). Lesnar and the Undertaker are a spectacle for the fans of old and the fans who might not usually buy a WWE PPV event.

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So have Bryan go in at number 1,2,3,4 or 5. make him work for it. The reality is the UT and Lesnar aren't after the title or the rumble win. They are after each other. If you are super concerned about that then have Lesnar murder everyone bar Bryan + 1 other and then he and Taker eliminate each other leaving Bryan and the other big name person.

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I would go with Lesnar returning at the rumble at entrant 26 and murdering everyone (Including at least 2 big names like Punk, Cena, Sheamus, Big Show etc) This leaves only he and Bryan who manages to avoid him until entrant 30. Entrant 30 comes in and its the Undertaker. Boom. DB wins the rumble and UT v Lesnar is practically booked for WM. I would watch that.

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2-Randy Savage
3-Chris Jericho
4-Eddie Guerrero
5-Bob Backlund
9-Steve Austin
10-John Cena
11-Mick Foley
12-Shawn Michaels
13-Bret Hart

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Lets just say Cena is 100% accurate and Cena generates 100 million a year. The WWE's revenue is roughly 485 million a year. Therefore Cena generates roughly 20% of the annual revenue for the WWE.

Were Austin, The Rock, Hogan, Sammartino >20% of the WWF/E's business in their respective primes?

I would say definitely for Sammartino and Hogan. not so sure for Austin and Rock as they had more of an ensemble cast during their primes. I am probably wrong though.

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Taker and HHH are in 18 of 25. They really have carried a whole generation of rasslin.

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Punk v Vega was a great match.