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I agree completely, but my hope is that if the legislation is passed, there will be a major push for an overhaul of the terror watch list and we will end up with the best of both worlds. If nothing else, it would definitely bring the issues into the spotlight.

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One of my friends had a pizza party where they were all cooked on a grill it and it was amazing! Plus you can let your friends go nuts with their own pizza concoctions, and it's super vegetarian friendly compared to most grill events. We followed this Kitchn guide!

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Yeah, from my experience, any time you mess with hormones there's a bit of an adjustment period for your body and that can manifest in a lot of different ways. Glad I could help! Also, your username fits perfectly with this question and I really appreciate it. :)

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I've been on hormonal BC both for acne and pregnancy prevention for years (Trinessa Lo right now, have used Yaz and Ortho-TriCyclen Lo in the past) and truthfully it's sometimes just a matter of figuring out which hormones in certain pills work for your body. I'd definitely give it another pack or so before you decide anything (I've broken out when starting a new kind before), but if it's a continual thing go back to the doc and see if you an try another kind.

FWIW, my insurance made me switch to Trinessa Lo recently from the Ortho and I was really angry about it, but it's actually working with my body chemistry a lot better.

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I kept saying to people that I wanted Ghost to kill Ramsey, but I like your way SO MUCH BETTER. They wouldn't have put so much stuff about Ramsey sic-ing his dogs on people if that wasn't going to come back into play somehow. Also, I like the symmetry of Boltons as dogs and Starks as direwolves/wolves a lot.

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Agreed. I am officially #bernedout.

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Thumbtack is a good resource for cheap movers! That's where we found ours for a move about two months ago and they were awesome. Other than that, pack a box a day to move and a box a day to donate/get rid of. Last time I saved all my donations until the end and it was a nightmare, so try to make progress on both fronts.

And congrats on the new place! When it gets terrible just think about how much fun you're going to have living there.

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So, there's definitely a trick to it, but the cat LOVES it and it's certainly one of the more attractive cat window seats on the market. (It also looks more unsturdy in that picture than it actually is.)

The trick to hanging it up is to wash the window really well with whatever cleaner you prefer and make sure that it's still a bit damp, then take the same paper towel you used to clean the window (that should also still be damp) and rub it on the suction cups for a bit of moisture before trying to stick it on. Something about that little bit of moisture on both sides makes it stay so much better. You may also have to occasionally reform the cups if they get too flat and won't stick as well.

Also, I'm really glad that all my highly specific knowledge on this is not going to waste, so thank you for that!

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My biggest triumph of the week is this little lady being home! She was at the vet's overnight for two days with a dreadfully high fever (107.9 at one point!) and we were worried sick, but she is home and eating and meowing and snuggling. She's also got a pretty sick gangster lean when she walks from the IV that's still in her arm - the vet wanted to leave it in just in case she took a turn and needed fluids quickly.
Edit: Sorry for the previous gigantic photo.


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Well, based on the preview for next week we'll be seeing the Tower of Joy, which should go a way towards proving that things aren't what they seem with the Bastard of Winterfell. I think they're going to start setting that up next episode with Bran, and then when Jon takes Winterfell back towards the end of this season he's going to go down to the crypts and open Lyanna's tomb and emerge Jon Targaryen (or Baratheon? I have lots of thoughts about this.)