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I await his answer to your question with breath that is bated...

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Of course Islam teaches peace,harmony and social justice.....in the bizarro world...

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I really like this...CACA....no better way to put it....thanks,Bill!

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It's been very nice having these quick messages back and forth with a fellow rational person! I too believe there are many more of us out there than anyone realizes but since we are not needy and always desiring attention like many libs, we generally keep a low profile.The immediate future and the long range as well,promise to be very interesting.All the best to you and thanks for your comments as well!

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The only good thing about libs trying to silence the right is that it is a certain indicator that they have no idea how to combat the right legitimately...if you can't come up with any snappy comebacks to the truth may as well go to plan B and just shut the other side up....a cowardly method but if that's the best they've got it all the more assures us that we do have a firm grip on reality.
We don't really have any issues with voter fraud here but the one thing that is a concern is that if the Conservatives don't win a majority,the 3 left-wing parties can form a coalition and go yammering to the Governor General about some non-confidence thing and next thing you know,the 3 Stooges are running the show.The top stooge would be Michael Ignatieff who would be,beyond a doubt,our creepiest PM ever...a man who has spent more time in England and the U.S. than in Canada and who once said,"The only thing he missed about Canada was Algonquin Park"....nice guy.Well,let's hope for the best as well as for you folks next year!

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Well,it's so nice to know that I already have a welcoming committee awaiting my arrival to America!
You are clearly very proud of your daughter.I would expect great things from her as well being that she obviously has her head on right.I have a niece like that.She's in university too and already an outstanding student.She's also very conservative and often tells me how all the libs at the school look down on her.It's a grim environment where nothing but political correctness matters so much so that she feels it's best to not speak her true thoughts.So much for the "open-mindedness" that liberals like to brag about.I will never figure these people out.The left like to continually carry on about how awful the U.S. is or even Canada and yet where is it the rest of the world wants to come to?How awful can we possibly be if everyone else wants to be a part of us?
We have a federal election on May 2 and all the liberal attack ads carry on about how dire our situation is with the present conservative government in charge...this is craziness....our country has remained remarkably stable the past few years while so many other nations are in financial turmoil.I guess when you're on the left the truth is just a waste of time.

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Your father-in-laws' story is another testament to the greatness of the U.S.
I am a proud Canadian but if I couldn't be there would be no second thoughts...I'd be honoured to be an American...I kind of like to think I am each February when I spend the month in Florida!
I agree thoroughly that we are in for a hard fight....liberalism has a serious blind spot when it comes to the truth.Whether it's American or Canadian,liberalism is such a childish way of seeing things complete with temper tantrums when they don't get their way.

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Thank you so much for your comments.You sound like a very caring and thoughtful person.I appreciate your admiration for our country and our soldiers and I feel the same way about your country and military.I love the U.S.and feel strongly that it is the greatest nation that has ever existed...oops,I can almost hear all liberals everywhere gagging...sorry,but it's a fact that I have no problem proclaiming.My own personal example of the greatness of the U.S....my grandmother was born in Germany in 1908 and was an ardent Nazi supporter...until she met an American Air Force member,fell in love and married him.She became a true and proud American citizen and is buried with her husband in Arlington National cemetery.
I will pass on your message to any soldiers I know here and may God continue to bless your country and citizens.

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I myself am very impressed with these women as well and the fact that they're sending the feminazi left into hysterics is an excellent indicator of just how much influence these ladies have....not because they're women so much as simply because they make sense and sound so reasonable....the total opposite of the gals on the left.
Now,you keep those ogling eyes on 2012....it's gonna be goooood...: )

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I don't know you from a hole in the wall but even over the internet I can definitely tell you are NOT creepy....
and probably not even an aging hippie!