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I know I'm one voice on Page Seven in a sea of voices, but I wanted to say thank you thank you thank you to Mallory and the Nicoles and all the writers and the wonderful community. (Particular shoutout to Nicole Cliffe for doing it uncompensated. She has literally given us the Gift of Toast for years, and that is such a big deal.) Like lots of people here, the Toast changed my life, and I am so grateful that it did. We are all the better for this.

Thank you.

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Many hugs. I am a practicing bi Catholic, and it is ROUGH.

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I am also not at all column-shaped, which I like, but it is such fascinating advice. I dress a bit like Ella; when Casey called her "a beautiful preppy nun", that stuck in my head.

I also love Casey's point that she dresses so well and carefully because it stops people from seeing her race and making assumptions about her, even assumptions which happen to be accurate in her case; it is so thoughtful about the impact clothing has on women's lives and the way we're perceived.

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Eeeeeeeeeee, I have also never talked to anyone who has read FFfM! I love it so much, I am a big rereader just like Casey, so have read it >6 times. I love her thing about how smart women can love clothing and beauty and that it doesn't detract from her smartness, and also ELLA, who is so much more interesting than she has any right to be. (I could talk about this book for DAYS, will now shut up.)

I loved A Tale for the Time Being, also My Year of Meats by the same author, but everything else I will pick up, thank you!

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I love Marvel everything, but I am so glad that my completely unfounded sense that Stan Lee is a dick is accurate. Definitely TBR.

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Hello Toasts! What are we reading this week? I am finally freeeeeeeee from law school, so load me up with book recs?

(My favourite book ever is the Time-Traveler's Wife, followed closely by Free Food for Millionaires and Gaudy Night, anyone who can find anything close to any of them would have my undying love and affection.)

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My school actually was that small, so it is literally only on reading this right now that that point has occurred to me. But yes! Hogwarts is maybe just tiny? There's a whole Internet theory about how the Wizarding World is kind of declining and disappearing, which would make going from a department to a single teacher make sense I guess.

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That is actually an English thing rather than a Hogwarts thing - we don't have in-depth modules, everything is all under one big heading that you either take or don't, that then takes everyone through all the individual topics.

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This is actually alarmingly common in British schools. The (admittedly tiny) school I went to had exactly one teacher for everything optional at GCSE/OWLS, and maaaaaaybe three at most for the English/Maths/Sciences stuff. Hogwarts always struck me as being tiny - I mean, can you name any Harry's-year Gryffindor boy who doesn't sleep in his room? That puts the whole intake per year at like 40 students, which was a few more than my actual real-life school but not so much that the crazypants teaching style is unrealisitic.

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Yes yes yes yes yes, as someone raised by an obsessive lover of both, that is the exactly perfect comparison.