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Aside from the health reasons, I've never understood why people get so up in arms about steroid use in professional sports. Yeah, it's gonna enhance your muscle development. It's not going to make you run faster, jump higher, improve hand-eye coordination, increase your ability to throw/catch, etc, etc. I'm not defending Roman's use of it, but I'm also not going to burn him at the stake for it either. If you want to say it's the easy way out and better performers don't or wouldn't need stuff like this, I can agree. But to say he shouldn't be able to continue his WWE career doesn't seem right either.

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I don't have an issue with him being the headliner at the HOF, but do they ever announce the headliner as the first inductee for the HOF? I could be completely wrong, I just don't ever remember the headliner being the first person they announce. I could see them just eclipse him with putting in the Rock or Undertaker later. Also, no matter who goes in, if they finally induct Owen into this, he's the one we're all going to be talking about. I know the headliner is usually never someone who has already passed on, but realistically that's the guy who would be the main guy in most of our minds.

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I've been reading Tito's columns for a long time now, and while I don't agree with every point he makes, he does bring a lot of good content to the site while making valid points with his arguments.

That being said, I can't agree with the "where's the psychology?" idea of NXT Takeover: WarGames. Not going through the PPV match by match, I'm just going to focus on the Dream/Black match. In what could have been a throw away feud, those two made a mid-card match feel like it meant something, and it could have been the match of the weekend. A arrogant upstart who just wants recognition from a man who could very well dominate any roster he walks onto. It didn't need overblown gimmicks or a convoluted storyline. It was just perfect the way it was.

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God, I am so sick of seeing this online and otherwise. It's just complete nonsense and really shows that this company is going down hill. Everyone is tired of seeing Stan from Payroll getting this push he doesn't deserve. Luis from Customer Service has put in his time and it's what the true fans want. #GiveLuisAChance

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WrestleTalkTV and at least 2 other sources were talking about Owens to RAW yesterday and today. So what is Supakickparty making up?

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We can always look at the positive. Bayley and Bliss no longer have the worst segment of 2017.

The "celeb" screening of WWE should be completely 100% overhauled.

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Right after this match, the announce team talked about a tweet from Daniel Bryan saying that this ending was something he was going to address first on this upcoming Smackdown Live. I instantly thought that was Carmella cashing in the briefcase on the Naomi during her match, making that conversation invalid and really giving her massive heat. Did anyone else think this?

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That makes things even more confusing. Austin has stated before, even on his WWE Documentary that he felt that WM 18 should have been Austin/Hogan. Maybe just sour grapes now, or realizing that could have been his moment.

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I know WM 18 was a solid moment with Rock/Hogan, but I didn't understand the booking at the time. When WWE brought back the nWo, I assumed it was always going to be Austin/Hogan and maybe Hall & Nash/Rock & Mankind. Obviously, Hogan and Rock had an iconic match but Austin taking on Hall with Nash in his corner just felt like they gave Austin the scraps. I have a ton of respect for the Rock both inside and outside of the ring, but Austin was the reason for the success of the Attitude Era that opened the door for the Rock. I feel like Steve felt he got passed over and it's not hard to blame him.

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I think with everything going on at the time in WWE, he had a right to be bitter, but I think he just handled it wrong. A simple good bye to the fans or something of that nature would have been great, but the whole "I don't owe the fans anything" attitude is kind of a slap in the face when he had the #2 merch sales at different times while wrestling. He still has a loyal fanbase that would embrace him if he returned and just by some of the things he's said about both the fans and WWE after he left, I almost feel bad for those fans. It's like an abusive relationship.