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I'm in dire need of a new duvet/sheet set and a new nightstand. This is exactly what I needed to get me motivated. Not to mention that I refuse to buy pretty flowers for a butt ugly piece of furniture. Seriously everything in my apartment is horrid and with each viewing of a design site or blog I come one step closer to keeping my eyeballs intact.

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I am so thankful for my force field. It's a little bit of pie and a lot a bit o' liquor. It's pretty much the most useful thing ever.

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Really?? Why didn't you like it?

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Robin, it isn't unprofessional that's just the nature of the show. It's all of those women with all of their varying opinions talking over each other. I'm sure McCain's communications director knew of this well before putting him on that show and I'm sure McCain knew what he was getting himself into.

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If you're going to hit people in the movie theater, hit someone who deserves it. I'm going to start hitting the douchebag who gets on his cell phone DURING the movie.

What I love most though is Mr. Ebert's 'don't take pity on me' stance. He's such a class act.

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You'll be thrilled to know that when she mentioned her husband I was all, WTF, she got a man? Anyway, I half expect her to one day bust out with "Stylists are people, too! WE have FEELINGS!"

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I thought it was pretty awful. The Rock Me Sexy Jesus part? Classic. But the story was so discombobulated that one must admit that it doesn't get good until the end. There were funny moments but for every funny moment there was a WTF moment. Like what was the point of wasting Catherine Keener's good talent for that role? I didn't get it but I've been singing Rock Me Sexy Jesus for like three weeks now.

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I'm still kind of confused on why MTV chose him (Brand). Like Kerry said, he is famous in the UK but the only thing that people in the US would recognize him from is Forgetting Sarah Marshall. He still hasn't made that full cross the Atlantic, leap. It's not even like they were appeasing all of their European viewers because there is an European version of the VMAs. So I'm less concerned about the back and forth between he and Jordin Sparks with the poor Jonas Brothers in between but more concerned as to why he was even there in the first place.

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The VMA's started before I was born. Just thought I'd throw that out there for all of you. You're welcome

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