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Heehee! Lee is so much fun! :)

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I wasn't sure about this project at first, but I think this will feel really professional. I look forward to the finished product! :)

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If it were just an informal Youtube video, sure, I could see your point. But this will be aired on The Hub itself. To me, anything appearing on TV should be as polished as possible. People have a very short amount of time to pass judgment on something, and they tend to be rather brutal. I don't expect people to expend a lot of energy, common sense or critical thinking when mentally processing any given commercial.

Personally, I really like their lineup! I do feel far better about this project. :)

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It's one person complaining.

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Moot himself (the administrator of 4chan) admitted it was bronies that ended up temporarily taking down 4chan. We really were too much for them. That, among many other reasons is why pony fans ended up getting the /mlp/ board.

Hehe. I don't think 4chan was ever happy about this. :D

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That is truly incredible! I hope that she has a blast!

From what I've gathered from all the voice actors at BronyCon, they had an absolute BLAST. I know Tara Strong can be silly when she says things, but I think she was absolutely genuine when she said BronyCon was the best, most fun convention she's ever been to, and that bronies are the sweetest and kindest fans. That is saying a LOT. I hope Tabitha's fellow voice actors are sharing their experiences with her. :)

I truly, truly, TRULY hope that we can all extend the same wonderful warmth and kindness to her as we have all the other VAs. It would be absolutely wonderful if she could come out to more conventions. :)

Seriously, I could listen to Tabitha talk about anything and nothing. I'd just be happy to hear her wonderful voice in action. I am absolutely genuinely honest when I say I could listen to her talk all day. (This is true of all the VAs. They are all wonderful!)

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Also. You are thinking of Amy Keating Rogers' son, not Tabitha St. Germain.

Tabitha based her voice on a boy she knew, because she did not know Derpy was a girl. She was not familiar with the character at the time.

You're using such terrible language and you don't even know who you're supposed to be addressing. I think the "terrible person" here is you, dear. If such narcissism, arrogance and ignorance is "better", I want no part of it.

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It's awful attitudes like yours that made me decide not to participate in furry fandom any longer. So many furries are incredibly narcissistic, and often don't put any thought into how their words would affect others. When questioned about it, they become defensive—exactly like you—instead of actually thinking about a decent, polite way they might have behaved.

Trust me when I say this. After 15 years of furry fandom, it's this terrible attitude and cynicism that truly poisons everything we love. We're not talking about political correctness. We're talking about being a civil, decent human being. You can disagree with or dislike something without being a humungous jerk about it.

You intended to use your language in a hurtful way, and there's no getting around that.

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But what if it were an origin episode? :)

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I hear that. I'm so sorry I didn't go.