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<makes obligatory comment about you both missing the message of the show, the episode, and why can't Bronies just get along?>

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I'm way behind in my EqD reading, but wanted to say I always look forward to your posts. It's probably my academic background in rhetorical criticism getting fed. You make me want to rewatch the episodes with your notes in hand. I would love to see a blog, if only to have a convienient place for my MLP companion. :)

Here are a few short comments:

I think Twilight tearing out the pages "worked" as a symbolic gesture of her recognition that the map is not the territory/the ideal is not necessarilly helpful to reality and logic does not motivate people on an emotional level.
I would argue that the Hooffield's need for shelter is reasonably equivalent to the McColts' need for sustinance.
I agree that when empathy is missing in conflict resolution, the results are tenuous, however I also think that "enlightened self-interest" is a realistic motivation for cooperation. It also opens the door for appreciation for the other cultures' strengths and gifts.
I especially enjoy the way you link the episodes to the overview of Equestria and how it works (or doesn't) as a society. Now I'm wondering how much Celestia is actually "using" Twilight to learn about her subjects.
I'm also enjoying Flutter's development as a character--she seems more confident in her intrinsic abilities as offering real solutions to real problems. More and more the Map appears to me as a teacher of the Mane 6--giving them opportunities to learn how to solve friendship problems by understanding what each of them brings to the table, so to speak.
I enjoy your perspectives (you are from Germany?) and now I will go look up Capaldi!

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funny comments are funny

and what about that big gem on Rararar's nose?

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sorry you're sad, bro.

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I think my problem with the episode is I feel somewhat manipulated by the episode. For example, can I trust Discord or not? I'm fine with not trusting him, but I want to know that. I also feel uneasy about the M6. Why did they suddenly trust Discord? Why were they so mean to Twilight? Then why did they turn around and be mean to Discord? The only pony I could trust in this episode was Spike. But I am getting pretty impatient with him being such a slave to Twilight.

I think I am just going to pretend the whole thing didn't happen. Except for the Rob Ross references, that was priceless.

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wonderful anaysis as usual! you articulated many things that made this a mixed-feelings episode for me. I also didn't hate Princess Spike.

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I guess the best thing about being an adult fan is I am free to make my own way. I have come out of many closets, and been fortunate to get reflections of acceptance for the most part. I have something called dissociative identity disorder, meaning I have a lot of chld-personalities, which is a result of trauma when I was very young. I don't hide it, and do a lot of educating people about it. When I understood that this was what was going on with me, I embraced my inner kids and my life is filled with toys. I almost always have a BaB plushie with me.

I don't care anymore if other people judge me as a crazy lady. It's their problem. I accept and love myself, for exactly who I am. It was a long road to come to this point, but well worth the journey.

So nobody was surprised when I became a brony (pegasister). What they were surprised is that other older people liked MLP. I was surprised, too, for that matter. and very, very grateful!

I probably talk about ponies way too much. My friends and parents, especially, are extremely tolerant and supportive. I get lots of merch as gifts. I have a rediculous collection of dollar store coloring books. The best thing about the show for me, is that it appeals to my adult parts as much as it does to my kid parts. So I think of my kids as just fans, but my adults as full fledged bronies. I'm volunteering for BABScon this year, and it has been a lot of fun to make face to face friends with other fans.

It also keeps me "young," as I get to hang out with younger folks and I have learned a lot about/from the Geek culture and do a lot of explaining what it's all about to my age-peers. I don't get many of the references, especially the anime and gaming ones, bu I have learned a lot about social media and a little about digital art and music, which many people of my generation missed as the technology wasn't available as we came of age.

I'm proud to be a brony and of the impact that it has had on the world, despite the backlash about it. Brony on, my friends, and look forward to being old enough to follow your heart openly, despite what friends and family might think.

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well *I* think you're cool!

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Great analysis. I was especially taken by your first paragraph. Actually there is some occult lore about Halloween that parallels Equestria lore. It goes back to Pangea, before we were in human form, and a NIght of Terror that happened at the Fairy Queen's court, where the "people" dressed in costumes to mimic the forms that they had lost the power to change into. It was such a traumatic event that we still mark it, aeons later.

There are many ancient stories/realities that the writers (presumably subconsciously) weave into MLP. Someday I hope to write a blog called "Friendship is Metaphysical" for those that like this kind of thing.

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I just couldn't get into this episode. I like it better now that I have read all the analysis. But it really felt like a "kid" episode to me. Except the moral, of course, which redeemed it in my eyes. I guess it's sort of how I feel about Halloween. I love the costumes, but am not a fan of the scary stuff.