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So we meet again, model citizen Aaron Echolls! Let me express my feelings for you by stabbing--oh, someone beat me to it.

Weevil <3

Logan's jackassery is called out <3 (Duncan and Logan awkwardly making up at the end is cute.)

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See? Keith is all the daddy she needs! ;_; <3 (Maybe it's for the best to not find out if she used to date her brother.)

It's funny, I clearly remember the shredding of the paternity test from when I saw parts of the show on TV, but I don't recognise anything else that's happened so far. Maybe I just caught the end of this episode.

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I watched this episode a week ago because I missed that there was going to be a break. But I took notes!

I like that when Wallace's mother suggests that there must be lots of respectable kids in school, he just quietly shakes his head.

The bullying is awful :( All these jerks can STFU, please. Meg is lovely, though. I hope we'll see more of her, because there aren't that many actually nice people in this town xD

"I believe cartoon birds braided your hair this morning." Aww :)

Keith is awesome in this episode. (When isn't he, though?) Being intimidating in the dark suits him almost as well as being adorable forever. <3

"Wallace will think I did it for him." "I know you did." Aww :)

Koontz is really creepy. He can also STFU. Keith is totally Veronica's real father, whatever biology says! And making Veronica cry just isn't right. Stop that ;_;

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This episode was really predictable to me. Pregnant girl who doesn't want her family to know, oh look she has a stepdad, I guess he must have raped her. What an exciting new twist that will be. :p It could have been done better.

On the bright side, there's a lot of Weevil today! <3 I liked the Weevil/Logan detention adventures far more than the main plot.

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Every scene with Logan and his dad is awful. Even before Aaron gets outright abusive, it's painfully obvious that he only cares what Logan did because it affects his own image. He doesn't actually give a crap about the homeless, or his son being a jerk to other people, as long as he stays rich and popular. Ugh! I can't deal with him. I wrote a whole rant about how fake and selfish and terrible Aaron Echolls is but I deleted it because I made myself sick. Suffice to say I have very unpleasant reactions to this, and I think it's really well written and acted. I'll shut up now before I start ranting anyway. Good job, show!

Being abused doesn't excuse Logan's behaviour, of course, but at least he's overtly obnoxious and doesn't pretend to be a hero. (AARON ECHOLLS YOU SUCK.) :p

But enough about lies and lousy parenting! Let's talk about Duncan. I really like Duncan, and I hope he doesn't turn out to be evil. You never know with this show, do you?

Anyway. Duncan stands idly by. That's his thing these days, and I have a lot of sympathy for that. But even though he was pressured into the election by other people, and initially didn't even want to win, when the votes are counted (again)... he doesn't take that idly at all. He represented the status quo against Wanda's promises of change, and yet he doesn't maintain the status quo. He stands up and makes a change for equality too, only in a less radical way, by revising the point system instead of scrapping it. He's taking an active interest in the situation and being productive, and that makes me happy!

Also ranking high on the happy-scale is Veronica finally communicating with Keith. They need to get along forever, okay? No fighting.

P.S. Everyone's dad is better than Logan's. (Unless Jake turns out to be evil after all.)

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You never really get a sense of who he is.

I think that was my problem. I couldn't put my finger on why I doubted him, because he did seem nice on the surface. But "surface" was all we really got, so it was hard to tell what he was thinking. I mentioned a couple of days ago that "I don't know him well enough to want him to date the protagonist yet", and I thought I was being unfair xD I guess there was something to it.

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What the hell, Troy! I'd just decided to trust you, and you repay me by completely validating my unfounded reluctance? That's... slimy, yet satisfying. Somehow.

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I like these Lilly flashbacks. She was clearly an important part of everyone lives, and it's nice that we get to see what that was like so her role isn't just being tragically deceased. Also, she was absolutely adorable. <3
"I’m only young once", she says. If only she knew she'll be young for the rest of her life. :(

It's so sad that Celeste blames everything that goes wrong on Lilly, though. And then she talks about how great she was at the memorial, but doesn't really say anything about her. It's all about what sounds good in a speech. :(

And on that note, I think the memorial video was really touching. Logan did something right for once! Although he and Veronica can't stand each other anymore, at least they still agree about the awesomeness of Lilly Kane. (Aww, Weevil teared up too. He's so cute.)

I'm only talking about Lilly today, apparently. There was also, as usual, a case being masterfully solved by the power of being really precious. Good job, Team Veronica!

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I feel sad for Duncan now :( He seems really lonely in this episode. I'd like to pat him on the head but I don't think it would help.

And I'm kind of torn about Troy? I still think he seems like a nice guy, but I can't help feeling a little iffy about him anyway. I'm probably just being overprotective of Veronica. I don't know him well enough to want him to date the protagonist yet, haha.

Aww, the guidance counselor called Keith "sheriff" :)

I'm cool with the twist. Julia doesn't get all that much characterisation, but she seems like a sympathetic woman trying to make the best of a bad situation. Her son could have NOT called her a circus freak, but he was upset and confused, and did seem to come around at the end.

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Well, you were undeniably right about it not being a typical running on the beach shipper moment!