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Lauren is such a wonderful person.

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So let me get this straight, after this episode being a regular earth pony will be the new best thing since everypony else will be alicorns.

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I love Steven Universe, it's one of the few shows that actually seems to have a great plot behind the overall sillyness and slice of life fun-time that some of the episodes convey; the characters are lovable and in many times easy to identify with and the animation is superb, I myself can't help but crack a smile at every single time Pearl looses it.

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No deal, we would be left with no more space for future developments for Luna if we get all the episodes in a row, and it would be kind of an overdose to get so much anyway, would be tiring. I'd like to see some new characters and adventures in the future and then Luna's imput in those kinda situations.

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Happy Birthday EQD! Let's hope for 4 more years and reaching that sweet 1 billion pageviews mark.

Btw the music is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3EyHnYFkaWc for anyone interested!

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Banana Crush is my favourite season 6 character without a doubt, I loved the part where she single-hoofedly defeated that basilisk who was threatening her village by throwing banana smoothies and banana splits at it.

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Yes, both games are very good, very punishing too as the video shows, but they are incredibly rewarding once you learn them and really fun to experience altogether, it's one of the best franchises of late imo.

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Yes, it is from the video indeed, I need to tweak some settings before starting the process again, this was the first time I did something like this and I found it was very taxing for my cpu, I appreciate that you liked it though!

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Thanks! It's a combination of software to first reencode a source video using scripts that alter each frame to create more "artificial" frames between the original ones, the process is called interpolation; to give you an example, it is what a lot of console emulators use while you're playing a game to make it look way smoother than what it actually played in the consoles. When the process is done then I use another program for multiplexing (combining different types of data in a single file) the audio from the source material to the new and fresh 60FPS one. It is very taxing for my cpu, but I think it's worth the outcome.

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Thanks for sharing it guys! I may upload more like these if I have the time to render them and my PC doesn't blow up in the process! Ponies too, not just EqG :p