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So-called 'diversity' is a disaster wherever it is forced upon us. It has dragged the standard of living down nationally, made our cities unsafe, and destroyed the unity and cohesion we enjoyed before it was imposed on us.

In every instance, so-called 'diversity' means marginalising white people and damaging their culture and institutions. It is a disgrace that a 'Conservative' party should conspire against the people it aspires to govern in this way.

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I can't see why the 'statue and history fracas' should help to solidify the vote of people who are doing nothing to oppose it, despite having the power to do so.

If one uses the label 'Conservative' but has failed to take action to conserve the country's cultural heritage, I as a voter begin to suspect that I am being mislead.

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I agree, and would add that it is now clear that immigration poses an existential threat to our cultural heritage.

Immigration is not a matter of somehow augmenting the diverse range of native cultures, but of exposing them to a ruthless critique designed to make our society more comfortable for immigrants at the expense of the indigenous.

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Could a moderator please explain why my comment has been deleted?

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The enforced kneeling and public apologies by whites for their 'racial guilt' reminds me of the way the Jewish were forced to scrub the streets and and make displays of contrition to acknowledge their 'impurity' in Germany.

Add to that the BLM activists' calls for 'Black Power' and boycotts of non-black-owned businesses, and it becomes quite clear what their attitude towards the white population is.

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Agree. The agenda of those who wanted to remove it quickly moved on from tolerance of private behaviour to enforced intrusion into every public space.

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We have already travelled the full length of that path and have arrived into the world of identity politics.

Every group is actively campaigning, lobbying, and acting in its own interests. Except for white people, who are prevented from competing because of the word 'racism' and who will therefore lose by default.

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It is 'Mexico' - the substituted characters are all adjacent on a keyboard.

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On the contrary, I understood that sentence and all of the subsequent ones.

I disagree with the suggestion made in the article that "the government should go further".

The government has gone too far already with handouts which are insulating fragile, marginal, and unsustainable businesses from reality; or providing a public subsidy for private profits. Neither of these are reasonable things to ask of the taxpayer.