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I'd agree Murky is better than the original. As long as Fuzzy can keep the quality up in his final push to the finish, which is where imo Kkat bombed. Everything after the balefire bomb felt rushed, ill thought out and not really very good compared to what came before, which was a huge volume in comparison.

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I'd actually go with Murky Number Seven. Sure, it's an offshoot of Fallout Equestria, but it's very close to the end and hasn't suffered from the pitfall of the original (a rushed final section). Additionally, each chapter is actually written as an episode with its' own self contained story with a larger over-reaching arc so it would lend itself well to a TV series.

Also there are a couple of slice of life stories that would make for really good episodes, like Celestia disguising herself as a normal pony and going to Ponyville for a day incognito to avoid all of the hassle that would come from even an informal royal visit.

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I had the same problem last year. The thing is it probably takes a while to sort the entries and compile the post at a time of year where a lot of people are very busy, so having a very late deadline probably isn't the best. What you can do is take your time to finish the pumpkins off as best you can and enter it next year. Two of my three entries were carved last year after the deadline for that compilation.

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Well, I actually carved two last year but completed them well after last year's deadline, so they'll be all right this time around I guess, just super, super early. I'll also be having a go this year- already have one huge pumpkin stashed in my shed waiting.

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Have you factored in the shipping costs with that?

My last order to Hot Topic for three figures worked out like this (with 50% off shipping, bear in mind).

$44.40 for the products, $24.20 for shipping then $38 on import VAT and customs handling (if you thought Royal Mail's handling fee was bad, just wait 'till you get served by Parcel Force). That works out to a whopping $35.53 per figure. And that's with online sales and discount shipping. Full price would be mindblowing.

Even if I decide to get these guys shipped by a courier from FB, they shouldn't cost any more than $28.55 each, without any special deals going on.

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One thing you have to bear in mind is the community is a global one in the internet age. It hasn't so much been the case with the film but with the episodes, I would imagine the majority of the community would have to watch rips or streams purely because they live in areas where the episodes aren't broadcast.
For example, in my case to watch everything legally I would have to wait about a year, maybe longer to see the new stuff. By which point literally everything would have been utterly spoiled.

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Well I'll certainly make an entry. Of what though, I'm not *too* sure.

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Well, I'll have to find the time to give this a shot again. not sure what I'll do for it though.

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I don't even live in a country where it has a release. So yeah streams for me I'm afraid.

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I work in a microbiology lab and my all round science knowledge is pretty good so I'm sure I could come up with something. Failing that I have a brother who is a nuclear physicist.