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You’re actually going to blame the city for the actions of its people?

People who aren't native to Boulder?

That's a joke right?

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Well said.

However, you didn’t mention Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, Illinois, Iowa etc…

These people think that they moved to their own personal utopia. They feed the wildlife and create statues of the ones that are killed. They give handouts to transients (then more appear). They ride their bikes in the street, then the city decides to experiment with giving them their own lane. They demand affordable housing, and blame PLAN Boulder and City Council for not caving for them. I could go on an on….

People who move here and cause this issue are equally annoying as the person who has 4 kids and warns everyone about global warming. Their narcissism prevents them from making the connection that THEY are the cause of the problem. But as narcissists do, they like to hear themselves talk.

Let the Colorado Division of Wildlife do its job, and leave your emotions out of it.

On a related note, why does Boulder have a higher number of people who can’t drive in the snow, people who complain about shoveling 5 inches of snow, people who despise the local sports team and people who don’t know how to live among wildlife? Is it because of all of those states that have been mentioned?

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Washington St.

Why are you so vicious toward CU BTW? What did they do to you?

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You're assuming he gets invited to any?

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Perfect ending.

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Why are you still posting anti-CU football remarks when you know you won’t change a thing? Has it been 10 years now? All the while the team keeps building new facilities?

Didn’t Einstein provide the definition of insanity?

“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.
-Albert Einstein

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Two things.

Landlords don't "jack up the rents..." based on how many people they know are living on the property. The rent is based on what all others properties in the area are renting for. A landlord discloses what the rent is when advertising the property. How do they know who is willing to rent the place before they meet the tenants? Advertising a higher rent would simply price a landlord out of the market. My guess is that you have no experience in this arena.

Second, "Flat Iron" is actually one word. Flatiron. At least that's how they're referred to in these parts. Typical rookie mistake.

Beside that, you seem to have good intentions. Welcome to Boulder.

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"Comrade Keith Percy, who describes himself as a disabled queer activist and poet, said he left a "dead-end street" in Michigan for what he hoped would be better opportunities in a more welcoming community in Boulder."

Percy and everyone pro growth expect just what exactly? A town once of 80,000 to swell to the size of Hong Kong in order to please everyone who demands to live there? Sorry. I know every loser gets a trophy nowadays, but you don't all get a house in Boulder as well.

Give me a break.

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This needs to be advertised?

Every time I travel and tell someone I'm from Colorado, they mention pot, and it's usually in a manner in which someone looks down their nose at me. A quick search of both Cox and Larson reveals that neither was raised in Boulder. Thanks a lot for tossing out the invite to more of your loser types to invade a once great town. Can't wait for more traffic, Red Sox gear and negative comments about CU etc...

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“Is this really a PAC 12 program?”

Yes, it is. Or perhaps it’s just a PAC 3 program. Why are you giving credit to the other 9? Answer that riddle for me please.

Give up?

The answer to the PAC 3 riddle is that only 3 teams in the PAC 12 have won the national title in football, while 9 have not. Colorado, USC and Washington are the 3 winners. The other 9 are the losers.

Why aren’t you making a case to disband the 9 loser programs? Given the fact that Stanford and ASU lost to unranked teams today, I’d think you’d be all over those losers, not a CU team which actually got it done.

Fair enough or not?