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TruTV is the new name for CourtTV. It's channel 246 if you have DirecTV.

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It doesn't matter whether the economy is up or down - if a customer is doing more harm than good, then it's a good idea to fire them, no matter what. With luck, your competitors will rush in and cut him an even lower price than you were charging.

That's not to say that every customer is unprofitable simply because you pay out more than you take in. I read a book 30-40 years ago by the guy whose father founded "Harold's Club" (IIRC) in Reno. His philosophy was that he made money on big winners and small losers. Big winners bring more business, and so do small losers, since they enjoyed the visit despite the small loss. Small winners cost him money without giving him much publicity, and big losers brought him bad publicity.

So I've always been careful to not fire customers without thinking twice. Some of the "unprofitable" customers brought me a lot of profitable friends, and I tried to keep them very happy.