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The only thing that amazes me it that you Paultards are still allowed to post at Big Government.

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I can't believe you're still allowed to post here. In your hatred of the one real Conservative in the race you've made yourself irrelevant and ridiculous.

You said vile things about Rick Perry, and yet, you support Rick Santorum, a self-confessed Big Government Republican--his words. Pathetic

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The problem isn't that only a "perfect man" can run for office but that what we have running, now that Rick Perry, who really is a Conservative, has withdrawn, are a Washington Insider, a liberal statist, a Big Government Republican and a lunatic. Which to a great many Conservatives just isn't acceptable.

And, quite frankly, with the exception of Santorum who could possibly, if a miracle were to occur be elected, aren't electable. No how, no way. It isn't the baggage or what MSM will do to them but the fact is that most Republicans/Conservatives can't stand and don't trust Romney, can't stand and don't trust Gingrich, know that Paul is a nasty, little man and can't summon up much interest in Santorum.

What a mess.

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I'm surprised that you would mention Christie and Rubio at the same time since Rubio really is a Conservative and Christie is an establishment, Northern corridor Republican.

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Very true. Have you noticed that all the establishment Pubbies like the author of this article, Hannity--well everyone on Fox news--are telling us we have to shut up and follow the party line? All those things they've been having fits over the Donks doing they are now doing.

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True and very well said.

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I agree with everything you've said about Harris and the Sookie Stackhouse series. Started reading it for fun. She did have some new twists and it was fairly entertaining but when Ball turned the series into vampire pornography and Harris bought into it I stopped reading the books and wouldn't watch the series to save my soul.

As to the writer of this article trying to justify her attraction to vampire women's porn as Conservative values...please. What a pathetic attempt.

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I don't think he actually fell on his sword. I believe that the left view of "taking responsibility" only means "yes, I did it--so what?" Doesn't mean a thing which is why they never resign and are never ashamed of anything they do.