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Hi Art! Sorry to go OT but i wanted to contact you so i decided to write to you here. I thought you would have articles here about the baby Lisa case. The similarities between this case and the Haleigh C. case are so numerous it's unbelievable. Time she went missing, mom high on something, lights on, door unlocked, brother was with her earlier, dad at work, comes home to find his daughter gone, changing stories, failing a poly ( so she says). We need your journalistic expertise on this one Art, The cases are so eerily familiar. Every time i hear something on tv it parallels the HC case. I think they even mentioned an out of state relative. What do you think?

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As usual, many good points brought up here. I think Cindy is trying to change history in her own mind and is coming across looking very bad. It was said more than once that Cindy told Casey she was an unfit mother, now Cindy says how awesome she was? Cindy said she wanted to choke Casey when she heard her tell Lee Caylee was missing, goes along with the fight they had where Lee said Cindy choked Casey. No matter what Cindy ever said or did, there is no excuse for Casey doing what she did. At least she said she wouldn't let Casey come back home but she said she would help her find a place to live. To say she hoped someday Casey has another child and that she would trust her with Lee's baby is way beyond belief. She said Lee would trust her with his child..i don't think so. The night 911 was called, Casey told Lee someone should have stopped her a long time ago, knowing all we know now i find that very telling. They knew more than they have ever or will ever say, i think someone knew she was drugging Caylee. That is jmo of course.

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Ya know Art, my opinions did change a bit as Dr Phil said might happen to some people. I have a much more negative view of Cindy and a more positive view of George. Once they get "paid" so to speak, i'd bet they get divorced. Cindy will live in denial forever. George appears to be facing reality and has put Caylee above the others. That may not be a popular opinion to some people. He should not have lied about the affair as he is still doing, but that really shouldn't have had anything to do with what the trial was about. In part 3, if George says Casey isn't welcome in their home and Cindy says she is, that speaks volumes. All Casey has to do is ask Cindy to let her come home and George will be gone. Someone is footing the bill for Casey, i think she got money from the "Ohio pics" whether it was her or not. I tend to think Misty Croslin saw what Casey was doing and followed what she saw, lie, lie, lie. Anything new on that case Art?

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Hi Art! I'm back..it's been a while. YES..a tree at the site where Caylee's body was found was hit by lightening the day shw was aquitted! Did you see the big dark cloud sitting right above the jail the night she got out? I am not kidding, it was directly above the OCJ. The tree mentioned was practically split in half. Cindy had the nerve to swear to God to tell the truth on the stand and lied, now she says the aquittal was God's message to her it was an accident? That is nuts. I know some won't agree with me but i think George only went along with some of what they were manipulating to try and save her from the DP..i don't think ANY of them ever thought she would be free right now. I believe he even said something about expecting her to get years in jail. Casey is sick in the head but it isn't a tumor.

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Better to know now than later. Heaven help us if this person manages somehow to get elected. JMO of course.

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What was learned from this? If you come from a dysfunctional family ( millions of those in the world), learn to lie very well, commit a crime with no video or witnesses, hide the body right around the corner in dense swampy woods you CAN get away with murder. Juror # 2 said they never forgot the story Baez told about sex abuse from George in opening statements even though they were instructed to disregard it. He said " you just don't forget something like that". No proof whatsoever there was an accident, and even though Caylee's remains were too decomposed to find the cause of death, based on how she was "dumped" it leans much more to a homicide than an accident. Casey was found not guilty by the jurors but it doesn't make her innocent. THAT is what people are having a problem with. They know it wasn't George or Cindy that did this to Caylee. JMO

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Since they find so much fault with the media i suggest NO media outlet pay them one cent for interviews. Give them their wish.

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I am so glad Cheney Mason is retiring, i hope to never see his face again on tv. He originally said Casey was guilty until he decided to join Baez on this case "for fun". What a challenge, to see if he can get a mother who most likely killed her child free.It is just sickening to me that this was a mere game to him with no regard for a deceased child. Him giving the finger towards an AP reporter shows such little class. His lashing out at other lawyers ( only those who didn't agree with him of course) was uncalled for, it wasn't a game pitting lawyer against lawyer, at least it shouldn't have been. Somewhere along the way, it seems he has become a hardened attorney who's only concern is winning or losing with no regard for the victim, in this case a baby girl found in a swampy woods. I think even the Defense knew she was guilty and were shocked at the outcome, then came out acting arrogant, high fiving and giving the finger.

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I have to say, i am very tired of reading comments from people who say things like "it's over, get over it". I don't appreciate ( especially at my age) someone else telling me what i can or cannot say. This was a 3 year event, the trial was a month long, i think it is understandable that people want to vent their feelings on what they saw happen. To have someone take the time to type in "it's over, get over it" makes me think they are not over it or they would have moved on theirself, not going to websites they already know people will be discussing the outcome.

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I bet Casey would like nothing better than to testify against her dad, make up enough lies to get him convicted and jailed, then see Cindy charged and convicted of perjury and jailed for 15 years. Then..she could pick up where she left off, having their home with roommates. It is very disturbing that a lawyer can put someone on the stand knowing in advance they are going to lie as Baez did with Cindy on the computer searches.