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Sorry i meant the dragonball z abridged series.

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Earth ponies would be the best at preparing delicious food.

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I'm actually glad to be having this discussion, because i'm hearing understandable reasons for enjoying the song and while I don't personally agree, i'm happy they can enjoy it without me bothering them. Believe me, i know this song fairly well (it won't leave my head).

For shining armour not being related, i'd honestly be ok with that. But the lyrics "I always wanted my own brother", threw me off and implyed that twilight wants insect. It doesn't make me support her as a character.

I think a better insect joke is in the dragonball z. A stranger called trucks (at least that's how his name sounds) came from the future to save his warrior friends. A women called baulma hits on him. But later she learns that stranger is her son and feels awkward. I laugh because i'm not as humiliated as baulma. It's the superiority theory of humour.

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I imagine unicorns aren't the best at cooking or preparing food.

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I find that the tone or type of music used in a song plays an important role in how you want your listener to feel. If for instance you wanted to have a fun song to dance to or have something that you feel good, you'd have beats, a fast tempo and lyrics that are simply fun to sing. Or if you want your listener to feel sympathy or empathy, you would have a slow tempo and lyrics that tell a story.

In this case, the music and singing is great, very upbeat and fun to listen to. But the lyrics and context mixed with the upbeat music implies that twilight is not in the wrong for wanting romance with a brother. I'm sure that's not what the writer's intended, but the final product is what counts. The music should either be eerie but ironically upbeat and/or the lyrics should be sung in a sarcastic tone, giving me the signal to laugh at the song.

Pinkie's brew is much better as a funny song since she is singing about a goal that's strange, but in a surreal sense, not a gross sense.

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Fluttershy: The Secret of Kells
Rainbow Dash: Terminator
Rarity: Amile
Pinkie Pie: Roger Rabbit
Applejack: Only Yesterday
Twilight: The King's Speech

All: Spirited Away

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I'm sorry, but Fiw is awful. Blindly referencing stuff and pointing out something gross isn't parody. Here's a tip, don't borrow humour from family guy or modern simpsons.

I'll be OK is one of the worst songs i've ever heard. Why? Because it was the perfect opportunity make a deliberately bad song sound funny, implying that twilight's desire is wrong. But no. Because it sounds good, It implys that twilight is in the right for having distrubing desires.

Sweetie Bot is the best part, since she is very different from her canon character and even makes off screen action funny (going down staires like a slinky).

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Sassy Saddles for me. She's the kind of business mare (person in our world) i'd like to work with, someone with a lot of experience and practice who appreciates creativity and making it a success without sacrificing integrity.

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That was amazing. Excellent performances from everyone.

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Use a plug in called Hola. It tricks your browser to thinking you are surfing from a different region.