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in case you guys haven't seen this yet: https://youtu.be/1XEkXvUp8VM

it's Tegan & Sara PLUS puppies!

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Last winter I wove (and got paid in real live money) for http://www.pazindustrias.com/
The owner is from Peru and now lives in British Columbia. She mainly makes baby wraps, and has a really great eye for colour.

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I was just in Montreal, and I went to see this: http://www.cbc.ca/beta/news/canada/montreal/birds...

Finches everywhere, would recommend!

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My mum gave me a hatchet and a hammer, and now I need to go chop things and pound nails.

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Easter vacation, 1998. My younger sister and I, aged 12 and 14, fly to Alberta to visit our dad. We spend a week driving from Edmonton to Tofino and back, with four cds: Bob Dylan - Knocked Out Loaded, Lou Reed - New York, Carlos Santana - Smooth, aaannnddd Ani Difranco & Utah Philips - The Past Didn't Go Anywhere. Brownsville Girl is still my favourite Dylan song.

A few years ago Leonard Cohen played my hometown. My dad bought tickets right away, and then the local CBC radio station had a contest where you could win front row tickets AND backstage passes. My dad entered as many times a possible using both legit means and some rather shadier ways involving fake names. AND he won! Legitimately, I am given to understand. His date was a lady he just begun courting. They will celebrate their second wedding anniversary in two weeks.

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TEA! I'm from Newfoundland, where tea is Very Important. That being said, I first learned to like tea while living away from home for the first time, with my then-boyfriend's family, and their version of tea involves a bag of Tetley, in a mug, topped off with MANY spoonsful of powdered milk so that it is delightfully thick and sweet. A gateway tea indeed.

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Felted elf shoes are the best! Superduper adorable and easy.

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So, I used to go out with a guy who has a young son. In the car one day this precocious kid pipes up from the back seat: "so, if me and Papa are dudes, does that mean you're a dudette?"

He was (still is) a very perceptive child.

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I get to take a helicopter to work! It will involve far more waiting around than actual flyin time, but, HELICOPTER!!! Such excite.

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My granny thought so as well until she was in her twenties, and now 'meye-zelld' is part of our family vocabulary to such an extent that I forget to use the correct pronunciation with people who Don't Know.