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This was about as shallow and vapid as most superhero movies are these days. However, Nick Cage gives another "Bad Lieutenant" style performance, which is alone worth the price of admission. In fact, if you are over the age of 12, I'd say Nick Cage is the only real reason to watch this film. That, and a cameo by Christopher Lambert. And yes, Lambert wields a sword.

My favorite aspect of the film: The mother character who supposedly loves her son and will do anything to protect him... Even though in one scene she uses him as a human shield against gun toting baddies, and in another scene she lets him ride without a helmet on Nick Cage's motorcycle while Cage does a bunch of stunt riding. Mother. Of. The. Year.

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I love seeing stage plays put to film. The film maker's translation of the play to the screen always makes for an interesting element, and is usually what the film hinges on. I just read about God Of Carnage as well, and thought that it looked like something worth seeing. I had no idea there was a film version coming out. Neato.

As for Polanski, the guy is a pig and deserves some jail time... But he also makes really good film. I sometimes eat veal, even though I know that it is cruel. In a similar way, I'll watch a Roman Polanski film because I'm a film lover and his films are rare (oh so rare, especially in these dark days of fighting robots and caped crusaders) and delicious. In both cases I feel guilty afterwards about supporting something ugly, but it tastes good and, after all, the calf is already dead and the film is already made... Why let it go to waste? There are starving kids in Africa who would love to eat that plate of veal! The thing is, when it comes to good films, WE are the starving African kids!

Alright, I've officially stretched this metaphor well past the breaking point ;).

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I love Christopher Lee, but he sure does pick some odd/bad films to appear in. The Dr. Fu Manchu series, for instance.

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This is all kinds of genius.

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If they use her right, I think she could be great for the screen. Her acting ability is kind of questionable, but she looks great and is very charismatic in all of the interviews I've seen with her. If they don't make her say too much and just stick to the physical stuff then I think she could be another The Rock. Or rather, The Rock that we all wanted The Rock to be, before he went and buried his promising career with The Scorpion King and The Tooth Faerie.

Or maybe she will totally surprise me and act the hell out of the film.

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Rocky IV was the exact moment where the Rocky series fully devolved from intelligent drama films to cartoonish spectacle films. It started the slide in Rocky III, what with Mr. T being Mr. T and killing off Burgess Meredith just to up the emotional stakes. Rocky IV, however, took the full trip into stupidity, and they brought a robotic sidekick along for the ride.

Conservative? When were the Rocky movies ever not conservative? They were about one man achieving his version of the American dream through pure hard work, determination, and heart. They didn't need Rocky to come out wearing stars and stripes shorts in the first films - he was already an American hero.

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Captain America and X-Men: First Class are supposed to be "real movies" that represent the best cinema has to offer? Really? Two summer action films that aspire to nothing more than punching bad guys? The only remarkable thing about either of those movies was how incredibly generic and forgettable they were.

Look, I have nothing against stupid action movies every once in a while, but they aren't art. I'd rather watch a movie that challenges me and moves me, which is clearly what this top ten list is about.

You people who are criticizing and deriding Thay for making a constructive (and positive) point about this top ten article are absolutely embarrassing. There is much more to cinema than just guys in tights punching and/or kicking mustache twirling villains. Maybe if you would actually try watching one of these top ten movies you would understand that. But no, you're probably too busy watching CGI robots punch each other on the moon.

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Yeah. I'm not a comic nerd by any stretch, but even I've read The Watchmen (and enjoyed it, despite the incredibly boring pirate bits).

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I caught this on a whim last year and instantly loved it.

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I don't get the hate either. She's super hot, and she plays a certain type of character (manic pixie dream girl) really well.