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"Is your name, 'Hokey Smokes'?"


"How about... "Queen Meenie"?"


"What about 'Black Snooty' or maybe 'Moonbutt'?"

"Wrong on both counts."

"Well then, I guess your name must be.... 'LUNASTILTSKIN'!"

"*GASP* How didst thou hear that name?!?"

With that, Lunastiltskin threw herself into a rage, whinnying and stamping her hooves with such force that she lodged one of her hind legs into the ground. Grasping her leg with her magic she pulled with such force in her anger that she tore herself in two and dissolved into a cloud of starry blue mist, never to be seen again! So, everypony lived happily ever after.

...Well, except for the little colt and his parents cause the daddy stallion got drunk and stabbed the mommy mare in the chest one night muttering something about "eye color" and "infidelity", but really the rest of Equestria was just glad to be rid of them all.

The End.

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I'm not a big fan of YTPs.... but that was pretty dang awesome.

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I would love for this to be good, but the pessimistic side of myself can't help fearing this will come to be known derisively as "G4.5".

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"every genre from metal to dubstep"


If that's what your musical spectrum looks like, you might want to broaden your horizons a bit...


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When weighing the value of lives, emotion and personal connections can very easily tip the scales.

Twilight's logic is simply... uncertain where her friends are concerned. ;)

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Time constraints are no excuse. She was introduced in the season opener and they could have easily brought her back for a couple of mid-season episodes as a minor villain to build up her character and make her redemption in the season finale actually meaningful.

I'm willing to concede the possibility of a "time constraints" argument for how poorly handled Twilight's ascension was. DHX was working under Hasbro's "give 'er wings" mandate and only had a 13 episode season to begin with. But in Glimmer's case, they had a full-length season and there's no reason to believe Hasbro was mandating any particular course of action with her.

This was a case of weak storytelling, plain and simple.

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You seem to have a different definition of "subtle" than I would use. Derpy bird was subtle. This is more akin to "blatant product placement". ;)

(Not that I begrudge them that in this case. MLP and LPS are practically "sister shows" and a little crossplay between the two is always fun.)

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Ah, that explains it. I was rather curious what was going on in that shot. Given the doll's forelegs are off the ground, the only other explanation for Blythe being able to keep her balance on it would be if AJ's back legs were made of solid lead or something.

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There's no fossil evidence to suggest that it couldn't spit muffins, now is there? ;)

Frankly, if the archaeologists are right about the uncoordinated nature of its extraocular muscles, then it would have needed some form of unique defensive advantage to survive. Spitting muffins is as good as any other speculative explanation until further evidence turns up.

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RD: Why, last week I did three sonic rainbooms while flying backwards... in my sleep! Would you believe it? Three sonic rainbooms!
TS: That's... pretty hard to believe, Dash.
RD: Would you believe one sonic rainboom while still groggy from my afternoon nap?
TS: Dash...
RD: What if I told you the blur from my tail looked kind of like a rainboom when I fell off the cloud I was sleeping on?