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Excellent article! We in Ethiopia cannot be confused because we are watching the realties with our eyes. Dr Elizabeth you did good to write this article because foreiners and Ethiopians who didn't come to Ethiopia since long time may be confused by the false propoganda and their fake videos blaming the Ethiopian government the few criminal diasporas who are hiding themselves out side ethiopia. Keep it up!

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No need to waste time on those self-centered subhumanes (owners of ESAT, Gelebaw and other evils). They are spritually dead, let Ethiopians strengthen our win-win relationship with the rest of the world.

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We have to be strong enough to defend our country (Ethiopia) from any internal and external enemy. We have also to complete our dam as planned on time. However, this article provokes hatred between the two people. We can condomn the evil past leaders of Egypt for the evil deeds but we should not be happy at bad fortune of Egypt. I think the message in this article is full of emotion. Comments should be based on reason because this includes all the people of Egypt.

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Lidetu is a better man than the old Doctors and professors. Ta least He believes in sovereinty of Ethiopia 1st. The other 3 olds cannot always think properly. One can learn from these old doctors and Professor that becoming a professor and doctoer doe not always indicate knowlege and title

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Qaa'le/Qwa'ra: To answer your question "who's the band?", the one who sold the part of the country for personal gain (power) is the banda i.e. Menelik. I appreciate that Tewodros for his strong desire to change Ethiopia and died for it (not tried to sell the land). The British had come not to colonize Ethiopia but for another purpose and Atse Yohanese might have personal competition for power or for any other cause (if any) but not at the cost of Ethiopia like that of Menelik. The founder of the Ethiopian civil wars as well as the existing war with Eritrea is the legacy of Menelik. Menelik is also said to had been conspiring against Atse Tewodros and escaped from Tedros's prison. Atse Twedros and Atse Yohanes have died for Ethiopia but Menelik has killed part of Ethiopia. If one can say it banda, it is Menelik who kelled the country with its people the first banda.

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It is clear from its previous actions that Shabia takes any opportunity (legal and/or illegal) to fulfill its needs. They may be preparing to try the war again using peacefull talk as a cover. It is better for our defence force to prepare for whatever trial there may be and if it is going to start, it should be the final war against shabia. Ethiopian defence force shuold learn from history so that it can prioritize which enemy (enternal or external enemy) shoud be attacked first. Internal enemies are also waiting for bad time (when external enemy comes) to help external enemies as Menellic has done against Atse Yohanes ,when Yohanes was defending Ethiopia against Italians and "Dervish"- inorder to fulfill their thirst for power by any means.

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You have put the truth! Putting the truth helps us learn from the past and to use the knowlege for better future. People shoud not be confused by lack of information or by wrong information. Knowing the facts helps us all to look for better future.

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reply to jef: That is your evil and twisted personal interpretation, no the intended real message of the article.

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If Tigrayans are Ehiopians where should they go? who must leave Ethiopia, the Ethiopan in deed (Tigrayans) or the Ethiopians only in name(you)? Answer this question foryourself, not for others. For the feeding, Tigrayans like other proper and decent Ethiopians are feeding themselves, if not feeding you. Come out of your small evil dark box so that you are able to see through the light around the dark box made by you. This is also for yourself, not for others.

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The few diasporas (not all) who are blaming are most of them criminals with criminal's personality behaviour. They always think putting themselves at the center. They are far away from reality. We always expect bad from them, not good.