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And some of the best 'nerve taps' in the business!

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I won't take my family to see it- with this Obamaconomy, we can't afford it!

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Maybe you're right, Steve. Personally, I'm more offended by the fact that these three and others simply aren't that funny. Don Rickles- now he's funny.

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be... BE!!!! Your posts are 'adorable' (don't wish to be banned), but please don't leave out the predicate!

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Steve Crowder! Yes? Yes?!!!

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This apology does seem a load of crapola- who makes jokes about someone's children of ANY age if they themselves are not a political figure (ala Megan McCain)? He just needs ratings and WE need to focus on way more important things... election in Iran, lousy economy, failing education, and on and on and on.

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Thank you very much (and where were you when I was being called a Heathen or worse, a Liberal)? You are absolutely correct. It's amazing some of the ugly posts on this thread loved Zo and Steve's bad impression of Republicans as seen through the eyes of liberals, and yet that's how they answered some of these posts. I can't believe that anyone would equate the desire for Mary Cheney (I assume she was NOT molested by her father as some have asserted as the cause of Lesbianism) to consider herself 'married' to her partner with anything other than a commitment between two consenting adults who hope to spend their lives together. And to the silly posters who talk of a 'slippery slope' if we did allow marriage between gays- REALLY? The next step to getting government out of marriage is legalizing drugs and prostitution? Give me a break! If Ms. Cheney gets married- how the heck does that hurt you? But, if someone takes any ole drug (or alcohol, for that matter) and gets in a car- then you've got a problem. Finally, to those who think this will lead to people marrying chickens and goats and whatever other asinine argument that was used (oh, yeah- incest)... How is that covered by my original post that ALL MEN ARE CREATED EQUAL? Not chickens, not cats and sheep. That might be wishful thinking on some of these commenters' parts, however!

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Not trying to be antagonistic (although, it would seem that's what I've done all evening), but does that mean that two heterosexuals who hate children should not be allowed to marry, either?