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Oh please, please let this be so.

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Steve King has his biggest challenger to date in one Christie Vilsack (that's right, Tom's wife). Even if you can't vote in the election you can do your part by donating to Christie's candidacy. Please, for the sake of our great state, help restore Iowa to sane-land by donating to Christie. If for no other reason than to see the wingnuts in west Iowa spontaneously combust.

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Can we somehow route this to Rep. Steve King in Iowa? I'd support that.

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So Glenn is going to come out of the desert all fried and blow Rick "Randall" Perry away with a nuclear warhead?

I'm actually kind of excited now; Parry 2012!!!! (with an A for America)

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Really, eleven people gave this a thumbs up? Is there some snark here I am missing because it seems like this guys is just being an asshole?

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Bullshit! Jay-Z alone has probably fired more people than Fox Nation has ever employed; Roca-A-Fella forever!!!

Seriously though, old white people are still scared of the browns and despite all the trouble this is causing Barry, I can't help but get a little satisfaction in picturing them shuddering fearfully in their Hoverounds.

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What happened? Most people realized being a xenophobic racist, just for yucks even, isn't all that cool. I'm sorry the rest of the world has progressed and left you behind.

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Yep, we'll elect him again too.

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Obviously you are not actually looking at the polls because even an article over on breitbart.com cites a recent poll that shows most Americans support a compromise that includes some form of tax increase. I mean it one thing to have a belief, it is quite another to ignore reality to support that belief.

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Let's see how the voters react to the complete incompetence and brazen hypocrisy of the Tea Party in 2012.