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We agree on something. He has been cynical in the extreme over brexit. If you honestly think starmers been ahead of the curve over the pandemic then there's no hope for you I'm afraid. All he has done is wait for the likes of piers Morgan to shout at a government minister about an issue or to be plugged and plugged in the news. Then up he pops pretending he thought of it first. He always waits for a story to emerge somewhere else whether it's in sage meetings and then as if by magic he asks for it. Call me cynical but isn't it funny that he only ever seems to mention these things when it's already appeared somewhere else. There's being ahead of the curve and there's being right on the edge always keeping just behind it as starmer does. The public aren't stupid. If starmer is doing so well why is he consistently now three to five points behind the government in polling. They can see what's really going on even if you can't.

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A great post but don't expect our anti Boris friends on here to comment on it as it doesn't fit their narrative.. The media always gives the impression it could do much better but the behaviour of the likes of hypocrite burleigh shows why they should be treated with the contempt thay deserve.

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I agree that from the beginning the government should have locked down air travel more. That isn't the issue. Its labour's weaponisation of this issue instead of having any policies of their own. Why wasn't starmer mentioning this week after week in pmqs for the last year instead of switching from topic to topic ie ppe test and trace when to lockdown. And he shows the courage of his convictions by supporting a brexit trade deal he disagrees with. Boris may not be perfect but starmers cynical opportunism is off the scale.

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He's not true at all. This is just another example of labour's one dimensional policy of weaponising and politicising covid which has been so disastrous for them in the polls. And of people like you who have also hated Boris weaponising this issue because you have nothing else to criticise him for.

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Why don't you watch it and you'll see. I'm sure you can find it on YouTube. Ed Conway was the interviewer if you really are interested and have an open mind about what he said which I seriously doubt.

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Gauke has given up lambasting people on this site for daring to support Boris over brexit. He's now trying a bit of sucking up to what he thinks are an anti lockdown audience on here. Sorry mate. We're not fools. We can see your game. You're not a conservative any more. I suggest you finally listen and stop wasting your time posting on this site.

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Sorry Mr straw man your comparison is ridiculous. Talk radio is the most anti lockdown station in the UK with almost all presenters being very sceptical or outright opposing it. Most of the people who watch it do because they agree with that point of view. So this poll does not represent in any shape or form the general view of the public.

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That won't happen because theire will be regular autumn vaccine boosters.

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Spot on but still dodds starmer and Co keep on with their lies. It was good to see sunak nail this lie on a recent sky news interview.

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Very hyperbolic. Nobody could have perceived we would be facing a global pandemic within three months of the last General election.