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Bad idea. The union of the opposite sex is different in many, many ways from the union of the same sex. There is nothing unfair or illegally discriminatory about marriage. Marriage simply recognizes the union of a man and a woman and respects the differences that set this union apart from same-sex unions.

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Discrimination is not always illegal and even less often, wrong. We recognize differences and even construct social boundaries which respect these differences. We have male and female restrooms, locker rooms, classrooms, schools, organizations, etc. We also recognize the unique union of heterosexuals and the benefits to family and society many of which same-sex unions could never duplicate. There are differences worth acknowledging and marriage does just that. Marriage doesn't prevent some other union of same-sex couples like domestic partnerships. Marriage is the title of a unique union different in many ways from any other. This form of discrimination is nothing illegal or unconstitutional. It is the same sort of discrimination that serves individuals and society well.

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Well politicians are rarely accused of calling a spade a spade.

Since when is it my "personal responsibility" to purchase Obamacare?

I've managed to be personally responsible for my health care for years without it.

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I think Rbb just may have found his calling...
Writing earmarks into proposed legislation.

These earmarks mirror the style of Rbb's blog titles.

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Work is a good thing Woof. It rewards workers with diginity, self-respect, profit, and pride.

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Yeah, whatever you say H.

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Look at H carrying the water.

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Well done Condi.

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That is some serious arrogance on display.

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" Cheney should go to jail. -Hannitized (yesterday)

" If Cheney is guilty he should go to jail" -Hannitezed (today)

I knew you'd come around.

Glad to see you agree with me:

If Cheney is guilty then he should "go to jail". -Me (yesterday)